1. fsb's Avatar
    Hi. I have wifi problems with my 8220. It wont pick up the signal in my house most times, and when it does and I have a call, the call will drop. It goes from UMA to wifi a lot and I am confused. The wifi for the laptop and the desktop is a d link system, and I am hoping to get some good advice on how to fix these problems. Does anyone have suggestions?
    09-27-09 11:02 AM
  2. stev32k's Avatar
    You might get a better response on the D-Links forums: D-Link Forums - Index

    I don't have any experience d-link equipment.
    09-27-09 11:23 AM
  3. fsb's Avatar
    Thanks for the link. I will try there.
    09-27-09 11:59 AM
  4. fsb's Avatar
    Well I know its Sunday. But that board is dead. I signed up and poised my questions there. Hopefully someone there can point me in the right direction.
    09-27-09 03:21 PM
  5. larrygump's Avatar
    use the UMA tweak in my consolidated thread...itll fix ya up
    09-27-09 09:27 PM
  6. fsb's Avatar
    Thank you larrygump. I found out that the d link dir 615 firmware upgrade might have messed it up as my brother in law who had the same d link had the same problem. The d link forums said that you cant downgrade, so we took the d links back to the store. We bought Lynksys G's. Flawless UMA goodness abides in our home now.
    09-30-09 02:42 PM
  7. zachnasty's Avatar
    hey i have a question i bought the cricket wireless internet device the usb connection its 3g highspeed internet but i cant get a signal from my phone like my phone doesent pick up the wifi even when my phone is connected to the usb to the computer is there a way i can or does it not work that way pls help because it wood help me out alot.. thanks
    10-12-09 01:59 AM
  8. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    Do you have a wifi router, the connect stick is not a router so if that is what your trying to connect to it will NOT work.
    10-12-09 06:57 AM