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    I am trying to connect to my router at home. I have Verizon Fios and a router.
    When I go to WiFi Setup it does put in the network, I entered the SSID # but when I see the profile on "Saved Profiles" it shows connected but there is a black box with - symbol, and the WiFi symbol does not turn white it is gray! Any ideas?
    07-11-10 07:49 PM
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    i have the exact same thing going on. only had the phone for a few hours. still trying to figure it out
    07-13-10 07:14 PM
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    Are you using a Netgear router?

    I was having this problem as well and used this post to solve it....hope it works for you.

    Troubleshooting Blackberry and Netgear, Curve 8900 Wi-Fi/UMA Connection with NETGEAR Wireless Router
    07-19-10 02:05 PM
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    NO, you got it all wrong...after dozens of hours with verizon support, and finally directly with blackberry, think I got the answer and it does not seem good! I think it is the Verizon ripoff! As many may know, Verizon was very slow to offer WiFi service for their phones. Well, I just discovered, the Wifi only works when you shut off the Verizon Mobile Network. See, you cannot connect via Wifi unless your unclick the box through your "Manage Connections" and then unclick your "mobile network". So that means, if you want to connect wifi, you won't be able to receive phone calls or notice of someone trying to call you.

    Verizon this way, gives the appearance they have jumped on the wifi band wagon. I was told indirectly from Blackberry them self it is a software issue from Verizon. Each phone service provider has there own software installed on the cell phones. 1 month, I had a blackberry phone with T-mobile and connected wifi within seconds. So, when I could not with Verizon, I become frustrated. One Verizon rep / tech in the store location tried to tell me that the wifi icon and manage connection green check does not show up when it's connected to wifi. But later on I figured out, it was never connecting via wifi, just through my web service that I pay big bucks for through verizon. If you search the web, you will find that Verizon was worried about losing internet web monies by people using the wifi connection instead. So if anyone can shed more light on this, it is appreciated and I will be waiting. I am calling the TV cyber guy to have him check this posiible scam by Verizon.

    OH...I forogot to mention that during my 6 weeks of trying to connect my wifi, that I use the router at work for wifi, and also my own at home. I also was mailed a 2nd 9650 to replace my defective (not defective), and the same problem existed with that. I am letting you know this, so you know that every possible rock was turned over to fix the problem, not knowing that there was never anything that could be fixed.
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    09-10-10 10:25 PM
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    09-17-10 11:27 AM