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    Hi Guys

    Hoping you can help.
    About 2-3weeks ago i upgraded my BB app world to 3.0
    Now i have found that BB app world does not work on my wifi (with mobile netowrk turned off). It used to work before the upgrade (so that i use it free via my wifi and not via my phone data)

    Just want to know if i use my BB app world with wifi turned on and with mobile network turned on (thats the only way i can get it to work) will i be charged for data useage or will it be free as i am connected to my home wifi (free internet)?

    Is there away to make BB app world 3.0 to only use wifi. It worked fine in the prior version why did they have to change it ????

    Device-8520 curve
    11-13-11 05:06 PM
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    By golly, your right. Just tried it on my 9810 with the same result. They should really fix this, if this is indeed a bug.
    11-13-11 07:30 PM
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    Not a bug, but the way it is intended to work. App world needs to know who your carrier is in order to offer you your carriers preferred apps(or lack of). If you have wifi on and it is connected, your BB will use that over the network data. It has been this way since OS6 and sometimes throws people off(they think there using network data and not wifi).

    I posted this in another thread a while back and posted pics to show my BB used wifi and not network data:

    This is before downloading the app(txt msg sent via my carrier)

    Downloaded this app with wifi and network data turned on

    Same txt sent again after download finished.

    Just read this in another thread and totally forgot about it. You can tell where your data is coming from by the BIS icon on your screen(the four dots). If it is next to your EDGE, 3G, H+, or 4G(which ever you have)icon your using your mobile data. If it is next to the wifi icon, your using wifi for your data.
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    11-13-11 07:38 PM