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    Hi everyone,

    Yes I read the Wifi guide, twice and browsed it, so please don't refer me to it. I have also typed in "WiFi 8120" into the seach forum and went though all 11pgs of reading, lots of hrs lost. I have tried everything. So please, I have a right to ask for help now, and I really do need the help just like every other lost ATT 8120 WiFi hopeful.

    I do not have a data plan, and do not want to buy a data plan, but I do have to pay ber K if the data is accessed. I would like to only use my WiFi please.

    Part I:
    -This one, I went to "Mobile Network Options" and then had "Data Services" turned to OFF.
    -then in "Options" > "Advanced Options" > "Browser" > and then had the Default browser config changed from MEdia Net to Hotspot Browser. (those were the only 2 choices)
    -then in "Browers" > Menu button > "Options" > Browser Config > and changed the Browser from MEdia Net to Hotspot Browser. (those were the only 2 choices)
    -My WiFi router works, my laptop is using the WiFi
    -the 8120 scans and detects the WiFi, I inputed the password and its connected. Has the server name on the front page.
    -***WiFi logo on phone is still grey, in "Manage Connections" WiFi has yellow circle with dashline in it.
    -Phone is connected, I see the ISP stuff.
    -***So everything sounds good and should be good, but I still cant connect to a page and it won't load up. I continue to get "Unable to connect to Internet:

    Part II:
    -Everything is the same as above, except that in "Mobile Network Options" I have data turned ON.
    -And now the page loads. So am I using the WiFi or is this the Edge data? and I will be billed by the K at the end of the month. Can anyone confirm.

    -and then, how do i bookmark a page to make sure its WiFi or even access the bookmark, thats also what I have been reading in the searches I've read.

    Someone one has to know, I hope my list has been detailed enough for someone to comment. This would really help me and everyone else on ATT 8120 with no data plan. Thanks.
    08-29-08 04:23 AM
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    If the configuration you listed and detailed above is what you are using, then you are browsing on WiFi successfully and you should not rack up any charges on your bill

    To bookmark a page, when you are in the "Hotspot Browser" (which you have configured above) all you need to do it press the 'A' button when on a page and it will bookmark it. Or Menu > Add Bookmark!

    I hope that helps
    09-01-08 05:03 PM
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    I have a 8110 that does not have WiFi. I don't have a data plan because I simply would not use it that much. But the ability to occasionally look something up online if I am at a WiFi hotspot would be nice so I have considered exchanging this for a 8120. I am currently within my 30 day exchange period.

    From the threads I have read here and at other sites. Some say you can do WiFi without a data plan and some say you can't. It appears AT&T cannot do WiFi without a data plan.

    When you turn data on, your WiFi works, but are you still getting charged data? Why don't you browse a few web pages and then check your account online or call AT&T to see what charges are on your account.
    09-05-08 10:55 AM
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    I pulled up and emailed myself a KB article titled "Configure a Wi-Fi Network Connection Profile for a RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8120 using Handheld Software Version 4.3" before I went home so I could share with you. It states prerequisites as 1)Turn the Wi-Fi signal on and 2)RIM BlackBerry data rate plan. I can paste the rest of it up here but it sounds like you already know your way around the settings. It's not a good sign. I would do what the other guy said, use it for a few hours to a day, then check your usage on line or call in and see if your getting charged. I know I've had to send a few customers over to care for that reason. At least now they have a cap on data charges.
    09-07-08 01:45 AM
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    OK. Hello!
    Sorry I have been away from this post for ages. I just got very busy and caught with school and forgot to return. Honest. I don't know if the dust has setteled on this discussion, but....
    Since doing everything I have done from my first original post from the top. I have had FREE WIFI. I do not have to pay data, and I have been using wifi on campus for the past few months. I am with ATT using a 8120 Pearl. You do not need to buy any data or purchase any Blackberry data package.
    I hope this clears everything up, and I can only speak for myself as an owner for the 8120 with ATT. I do not know how TMobile or any other model works.
    Best of Luck!
    11-26-08 06:45 PM