1. TitanP4's Avatar
    I have the Tour, which has no WiFi. Will it ever be able to support WiFi thru a software application or is Wifi all hardware.

    Another question if other BB's have Wifi why would'nt they have it in all of them. Wouldnt that be the way to go.

    02-04-10 11:16 AM
  2. supermilk7's Avatar
    Hardware. The Tour 9630 will never, ever have WiFi. The Tour 9650 ("Tour 2") will have WiFi.

    The discussion on why other BB's have WiFi and this one doesn't could be a long or short one.. The reason I personally believe is that RIM and providers like Verizon know that people will buy a new product regardless of a gaping lack (such as lacking WiFi), make them a pretty penny, then purchase a newer product in the near future that resolves that gaping lack (as the Tour 2 will). With these companies, more often than not the word "money" will answer most questions.
    02-04-10 12:35 PM