1. Mycko809's Avatar
    i would like to kno what is better,,, 3G or WiFi .... and why ?
    10-24-09 01:03 AM
  2. jsanta11's Avatar
    I would have to say 3g cause wifi is not availible everywhere and 3g is available in most areas..
    10-24-09 01:35 AM
  3. SofaKingKev's Avatar
    that is virtually an impossible question to answer.
    i just tried to and ended up erasing my entire post and just putting this, because thats what basically what it boils down to.. impossible to answer.
    10-24-09 01:38 AM
  4. c_patrick's Avatar
    To be honest wifi is faster, especially if your wireless router is hooked up to something like a T1 connection. wifi and the speeds is strictly limited to where you have access, which is just like 3g your provider only has 3g coverage in certain areas. and 3g is a broadband speed, potentially slower then your wifi but that really depends on what the wifi is hooked up to.

    The deal about wifi is that regardless of what connection is plugged into your wireless router the speeds will very on the signal strength, just like your computer, lastly The internet speed is not just limated by the wire going into your computer (dsl, cable) but it also has to do with your processor speed and cache memory it all plays a roll. bacially when it comes down to it, wifi's speed really doesnt matter and the but it is a nice feature to have.

    Using wifi on your blackberry, will potentially save battery, if you are in a room with good signal strength to the router, but if you have poor signal strength to the wireless router, your battery will drain just as fast as if you use the internet with poor data signal strength.

    wifi vs 3g which is better?

    it's really situational

    end result

    the hype on wifi is the techie scuttlebutt -- honestly have the wifi feature on while your phone isn't hooked up to wifi will drain the battery more so then a person just having the data (3g) connection running. Also regardless of speed the average website is set to be viewed at 1020px x 800px something, while your blackberry screen is around 480px x 360px. (their is mobile websites i.e. m.crackberry.com but mobile sites usually are horrible designed, a compromise made to help with speed and to fit to a small screen dimensions) the need for wifi is somewhat pointless when you cannot comfortably view a webpage, so bring your computer with you if you truly need a quick and easy way to surf the web.

    If you can get a blackberry with wifi go for it. Having wifi can have its perks but if not or your just curious wifi is not a big deal and should not turn into something that keeps you up at night
    10-24-09 02:01 AM