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    I'm new with blackberry and I have some questions about wifi.
    I have a blackberry curve 9360 qwerty.

    First of all, I don't want a 3G connection, I pay for my internet with a hotspot near my house so I don't need 3G. In school there's also wifi.

    But in the first week I got a message from my provider that said I used a lot of 3G, and all this time I thought I was using internet from my wi-fi connection.

    So I turned off the 'Data services' and 'while Roaming' in the mobile settings so that this could not occur in the future because I don't want 3G costs.

    But now the wifi does not work. The error says unable to connect to the internet, please try again later. if the problem persists please contact your service provider.

    So do I have to turn on the 'data services' button? And how do I know that I'm not using 3G while this sign is on?

    I saw on other discussions that you have to change your browser settings in 'Hotspot browser', but I didn't find this in the options of the browser.

    Thank you guys
    11-16-11 01:15 PM
  2. timwilliams916's Avatar
    You have to make sure WiFi is turned on and connected to the hotspot. If it is on and connected, your BlackBerry should use the WiFi whenever possible. Hope this helps!
    11-16-11 01:27 PM
  3. Pete6#WP's Avatar
    When you "turn off data" even if it is for Roaming, what you are turning off is the data service and NOT the radio transmitter.

    When you turn off your data you eliminate all possibility of emails, web browsing and BBM for one or both of two reasons.

    1). Your BlackBerry actually stops sending and receiving data. Phone calls and SMS texts will be fine.

    2) Your carrier has ensured that you cannot use data without access to their network via Service Books. Different carriers handle this differently and a phone that has never connected to a given carrier network may react differently to one that has been recently disconnected. Even disconnection takes more than one form. Cancelling the dataplan may result in the carrier killing data access via WiFi or maybe not.

    My own carrier specifically allows me to roam to other countries with data switched off but to make use of free data access whenever I am connected to a WiFi network. BUT I pay a monthly data plan when at home.
    11-16-11 01:38 PM
  4. platina2's Avatar
    Okay thanks for your answer.

    Some more questions:
    - what is a carrier?
    - if I want to be absolutely sure to pay not a single € for unwanted 3G connection, what can I do? I want to surf on the browser and get a popup if my wifi is suddenly disconnected, so that I don't have to check the 3G / wifi logo up top every second. Is something like this possible?
    11-16-11 03:37 PM