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    Have a user who files emails to an inbox subfolder (SUB1) on her Blackberry 9800. However these emails do not show up on the corresponding subfolder in Outlook. I have checked the folder redirection and the sub folder is ticked. I have ran reconcile now but items do not show in Outlook.

    I have ten created another sub folder (SUB2) on the BB and have dragged items into it from SUB1. However, it only moves 3-4 items and then stops. These items will show in SUB2 in Outlook. Problem is we can only do this when the user lets us have their handheld which is only an hour or two every couple of days.

    This issue only happens on one folder, and do not want to lose items from the device itself. Any ideas on this one??
    06-11-12 09:21 AM