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    This is strange; don't know if anyone experienced it...

    Windows 7, after disconnecting "Listen to Audio...", the phone automatically dials the last dialed number.

    any fix?

    right now downloading the new OS 5, will see if that still exists after upgrade.
    01-16-10 12:29 AM
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    I get Java null exception once in a while when disconnecting and connecting to listen to audio / headset feature of Windows 7 / Vista...

    Anyone seen this problem?
    01-16-10 07:45 AM
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    For anyone with similar issues, upgrading the OS made it worse as the A/V remote function was disabled or "x"ed out when connecting to laptop via bluetooth.

    Now, downgraded back to T-Mobile's OS .231 and it is working fine.

    Also the fix for the auto dialing is to set the option "Allow Outgoing Calls : Never" of the "paired computer" in BlackBerry.

    This allows Windows 7 to still dial a number and connect the phone call to Laptop and allows Audio / AV remote features to work properly.

    Not sure what's up with the New OS 5. not working for me at least.
    01-17-10 12:30 AM