1. Brion's Avatar
    I synced my phone for the first time last night and it detected my device fine. I unplugged and now when I plug it back in, it says I'm disconnected and to plug in a device. My phone will charge so I know its hooked up but why is it not recognizing it on my blackberry desktop manager? It is a tour if that makes any difference.
    07-15-09 12:03 PM
  2. Username00089's Avatar
    What version of Desktop Manager?
    07-15-09 12:18 PM
  3. Brion's Avatar
    I am at work right now but I'll check as soon as I get home and let you know
    07-15-09 02:44 PM
  4. Brion's Avatar
    It is blackberry desktop manager ver 5.0
    07-15-09 05:29 PM
  5. maidugal's Avatar
    I am having a similar problem, I can sync everything but my calendar information won't sync.
    07-15-09 05:32 PM
  6. Username00089's Avatar
    I'd uninstall it and download 4.6 from the Blackberry website. It possibly might
    be the problem.
    07-15-09 06:50 PM
  7. Brion's Avatar
    So uninstall the desktop manager? And where do I find 4.6 to download?
    07-15-09 07:04 PM
  8. Username00089's Avatar
    So uninstall the desktop manager? And where do I find 4.6 to download?
    Yeah just unistall it through the Add/Remove programs.

    Go to the Blackberry website and you'll find it under the software section.
    Download the one without media manager.
    07-15-09 07:44 PM
  9. zobaby17's Avatar
    i cant get my phone to sync or charge on my laptop, please someone help me
    07-21-09 08:29 PM
  10. dwaynewilliams#WN's Avatar
    If you can't get it to sync or charge when connected to your desktop, then it could be the cable. Does it charge with the charger? If it does, then its the data cable.

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    07-22-09 11:49 AM