1. Tydog's Avatar
    Hello everyone.

    I am new to the site and love it. Obviously, I am addicted to my Blackberry 8330. I have Verizon as my service provider. I have a ton of questions but one that really sticks out is regarding un-locking.

    Could you guys tell me why I would want to unlock my device?
    What are advantages and dis-advantages?

    Any other tips anyone wants to throw out at me are welcomed.

    Thank you in advance.
    12-20-08 08:18 AM
  2. Crucial_Xtreme's Avatar
    Devices that are unlocked can operate on a different network than originally intended. This is the case with GSM devices, it's not so with your CDMA Curve 8330.
    12-20-08 08:20 AM
  3. diffused's Avatar
    Hi there Alberto!
    Have fun with your BB and a Merry Christmas to you. God bless YOU.
    12-20-08 09:08 AM
  4. Crucial_Xtreme's Avatar
    Again, CDMA devices can't be unlocked to work on another providers network. Not unless you have the Storm.
    12-20-08 10:07 AM