12-09-08 02:58 PM
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  1. manderly's Avatar
    So I've been wondering what the attraction of a touch screen is? I personally can't stand fingerprints and smudges on my screen, plus they seem very finicky (had a PDA), so no touchscreen device has ever appealed to me. I was just curious why someone would like one.

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    11-26-08 12:22 AM
  2. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    No idea. I am sort of on the same page as you, well except for the
    smudges and fingerprints. Those I could not care less about.
    If you saw my screen right now you'd probably have a stroke
    But coming from an Audiovox Maestro to keyboard devices I cannot for
    the life of me believe or understand why I put up with that
    touchscreen insanity for even a day.
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    11-26-08 12:45 AM
  3. leathernuts#WP's Avatar
    It is annoying, but the screen size is awesome. Something you don't get with the other devices.

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    11-26-08 12:48 AM
  4. Reparkable's Avatar
    I'm sure you could get great answers in the iPhone forum.
    11-26-08 12:53 AM
  5. manderly's Avatar
    Considering how many people rushed for the Storm, I figured I could get some great answers here

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    11-26-08 01:00 AM
  6. 12MaNy's Avatar
    I'm not a big fan of fingerprints on my screen either. I would probably carry around a hearty supply of lens cleaner and soft cloths if I owned a Storm.

    I think people are attracted to the technology that comes with a touch screen device. It's different, so it gives people something out of the ordinary to tinker with.
    11-26-08 01:31 AM
  7. noaim's Avatar
    well.. its a personal preference thing.. for me the touch screen makes it so much more like having a laptop or something were I just move why way around and it seems like the last touch screen device you used was old school.

    The new touch screens are far more responsive then older models...

    if you haven't touched one it would suprise me that noone let you touch there iPhone....

    once touch screens get ultra reliable... its more then a fad.

    I also would not spit on other devices though.. such as pearl curve or bold etc they all stand there place in the lineup it comes down to the user that is using it.

    also want to note.. that the new glass screens finger prints aren't as bad I occasionally wipe it off but it isn't that bad honestly.
    11-26-08 01:34 AM
  8. Yessee's Avatar
    Well, maybe cause they're something "new". And not that many. Well now they are. They seem like a "luxury". Lol. (iPhone friend said). A new thing that is attracted and people want to touch!
    I'm not crazy about them. Although the Storm is just amazing on the looks. I prefer the actual keyboard.

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    11-26-08 01:40 AM
  9. doctorlove316's Avatar
    I prefer an actual keyboard as well. Don't get me wrong, the Storm is a pretty awesome device. I'm just not a fan of touchscreens and dragging my finger to scoll and all that. Like noaim said, when they get more reliable it'll be more than a fad. The Storm's touchscreen is getting closer, but for me, I'll wait until something comes along that is a little more functional for my tastes.

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    11-26-08 01:59 AM
  10. PvT's Avatar
    Watching Videos... Surf the web :-|... I type so much i like my tactile QWERTY. I've thought about an iPod touch to ride shotgun with my BB, but for now I still catch up on missed TV shows which I download n' convert and watch on my BBB.

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    11-26-08 02:22 AM
  11. schaidshaw02's Avatar
    I haven't got one yet only cause my NE2 isn't up for a while but when I do it will be because of the size of the screen and everything you will be able to do with it.

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    11-26-08 02:24 AM
  12. crackberrygirl02's Avatar
    The only thing that would really attract me to touchscreen would be the sheer size of the screen....i am going to wait a while on it though, not sure if I am quite ready to give up my keypad.
    11-26-08 10:01 PM
  13. SpicyPeppermint's Avatar
    Seems kind of pointless to me too. I'd hate to type on that thing and keep missing buttons because I'm naturally clumsy ahem 'uncoordinated'
    11-27-08 12:53 AM
  14. luvitlo's Avatar
    I have a Pearl and I put a screen protector on that to keep off the scratches of everyday use.....I carry lens cleaners and micro-fiber clothes to clean my eye glasses and constantly open one to clean my screen. I have to see crystal clear. This is why I hope the Storm 2 adds a slideout Keypad with a trackball. I love the Storm's screen size but really a slider would of accomplished the same idea.
    11-27-08 01:00 AM
  15. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    I'm naturally clumsy ahem 'uncoordinated'
    I know how ya feel, thus the screen name
    11-27-08 01:31 AM
  16. jerseysoprano's Avatar
    I agree, the "touch screen" is not a good look to me. I keep my Curve "cleaner than a whistle", and plan to never go "touch".
    12-09-08 01:30 AM
  17. rimbuk's Avatar
    its as simple as having a bigger screen. I'd rather have a physical keyboard too, but the screen on the storm is large and pretty.
    Also, if you have 16 icons on a screen, touching one is faster than using a trackball to get to it.
    Games are also different using a touch screen and accelerometer instead of a trackball and keyboard.
    12-09-08 01:57 AM
  18. Kaylajoy21's Avatar
    For work, I still use my touch screen. My bb is my personal phone.

    For me, I really liked the touch screen at first, but I got annoyed with it pretty quickly. It was fun when I first got it, but then I just got frustrated with it. Sometimes the touch was too sensitive, other times, it wouldn't work.

    As for the Storm, I think it looks cool, but I know I'd get annoyed quickly with it. I don't mind having the regular keyboard to use.
    12-09-08 02:08 AM
  19. Keirkhaart's Avatar
    Touchscreens are popular because they're trendy and offer a bigger screen.
    They'll get better but are decades away from being as fast or reliable as a hardware keyboard.
    With iphone offering the same pixels as the bold, and the storm only offering a bit more than them both, a "bigger" screen is a bit of a lie - it's physically larger but has no better reolution. If I could run my bold through a projector onto the side of a building it would be huge and look awful, kind of how the iphone screen looks vs the bold, with the same pixels spread over a larger area

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    12-09-08 06:13 AM
  20. revslg's Avatar
    I wasn't really sure that I wanted to give up a real keyboard, but since getting my Storm I have come to appreciate its keyboard and love all of the other bonuses that I get from this huge screen. In short, I love my Storm.
    12-09-08 06:35 AM
  21. Jascias's Avatar
    Mine is a pretty simple reason. Have a Curve, I love the Curve, Hate the trackball. I really hated the way It takes so long to scroll down a long internet page. I don't like smudges myself, but I do like alot more the touch screen scrolling of web pages. So the positives out way the negatives for me.
    12-09-08 06:43 AM
  22. Ponderous's Avatar
    I'm so glad this discussion is going because its one of the main things that drove me to thw Curve in the first place. I purchased to LG Voyager because I thought the touch screen would be cool. Even with a full keyboard at my disposal, I found my fat fingers had a hard time navigating the web and accurately engaging links, etc.

    I have yet to pick up a Storm, but I am curious to see how superior BB's technology is, but for now, I'm very content with my full keyboard Curve. This is definitely a debate that there will always be two sides to. With the release of the Bold and the new Curve, BB realizes that personal preference may keep people away from the Storm.

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    12-09-08 07:12 AM
  23. craigtbone's Avatar
    The attraction for me is the ability to change the keyboard to fit the context of the program / function being performed. For example, when dialing the phone, the screen shows only the number being dialed and a large key pad similar to a physical phone, much easier to do one handed.

    Another example is using a calculator program, the virtual keys are configured and labeled to look like your favorite physical calculator. Much easier than trying to remember what all of the physical keys do in that calculator program.

    The keyboard and entire screen can be re-configured to best fit the job at hand.

    I will say that I do not have a touch screen device and only played with and iPhone for about 1 minute but found typing to be quite easy.
    12-09-08 11:30 AM
  24. m11stephen's Avatar
    I have both a Pearl and a iPod Touch. Touchscreens do somethings well like web browsing but absolutely suck for things like texting and emails. I have fat fingers so that adds to the problem, but I can't stand typing on virtual keyboards whether it be the ATM or iPhone/iPod touch screen. Those touch screen phones that vibrate when you hit a key help but I still prefer a real keyboard. Its so funny to watch the keynote event where Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the world and basically called any device with a physical keyboard crap and a waste of space. He also made some bulls*it remark about how you can't change the interface and if the device manufacturer "forgot" a key (How do you forget a key?) you couldn't add it to devices with physical keyboards. iPhone is a fad phone, just like the RAZR was. Just because its so popular doesn't mean its a good phone.
    12-09-08 11:30 AM
  25. fonebrkr's Avatar
    +1 more on the big screen, I couldn't see my pearl anymore without my glasses and I can't wear them at work.
    Like the big bump in memory.
    Like the suretype or qwerty.
    Didn't want a curve.
    Have to keep VZW for being able to actually place a call.
    Honestly, it's easier for me to type on my storm then it was when I did try a curve.
    All the cool kids have one...
    12-09-08 11:41 AM
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