1. chrysaurora's Avatar
    I got to play with Dev Alpha for a bit and I also saw a bunch of demo videos of BB 10. One thing that I've noticed is, that sometimes BlackBerry 10 does not respond to touch. You've to do the gesutre multiple times. If you touch a button (or link), sometimes BlackBerry 10 doesn't register it and you've to do it again. I am not talking about touching too lightly and touch-screen not being sensitive enough. I think sometimes it just fails to register your touch and other times it registers it fine (with same amount of pressure. Admittedly, I didn't measure actual pressure but I felt like same amount of pressure was applied).

    Has anybody else noticed this?

    Hope that in the final BlackBerry 10, the touch-screen actually registers and recognizes touch without skipping.
    12-16-12 03:32 PM
  2. TomJasper's Avatar
    Why do you beat your wife only on Sunday's? Lol

    Come on, post in the developers thread not general discussion,unless you think we all have dev alpha's.

    All that aside, you ever hear of BETA and slightly crippled , for obvious reasons.
    12-16-12 04:14 PM
  3. robtanz's Avatar
    I seem to recall that the crackberry crew looked into this and determined that it had to do with the raised casing that the dev alpha was in, not allowing a smooth swipe.

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    12-16-12 05:11 PM
  4. mooda's Avatar
    which Dev did you get to play with. I have the A it never misses a swipe i have heard the B on the other hand misses it due to the extra large casing. It misses the beginning of the swipe.
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    12-16-12 05:11 PM
  5. peter9477's Avatar
    Dev Alpha A with latest software never misses anything. It's smooth as silk.

    In past, it was relatively sucky. I've heard complaints about the raised case on the B causing trouble, as others have mentioned.

    In the end, they're Developer Alpha devices, not the real thing. Have no worries... the final device will be better no matter how good these are now.
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    12-16-12 07:28 PM
  6. otacon's Avatar
    It's written somewhere that it's because of the raised casing surrounding the bezel, causing people to mis-hit the bezel and not being able to perform a good swipe. Don't worry, the L-series won't have that raised bezel. It will be as smooth as a baby's bottom.
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    12-17-12 03:30 AM
  7. chrysaurora's Avatar
    Thanks guys, I played with Dev Alpha B. Yeah, my hope is RIM will take care of all these nuances in the final release. Can't wait for N-series!
    Rogers is accepting pre-orders but I don't know if they are for L or N. I am guessing L because that's suppose to come out first and in all their demos, we've only seen full touch screen only device.
    12-17-12 10:04 AM
  8. cpsquires's Avatar
    Might just be me but I have noticed two things.
    1. It seems like sometimes people point to an icon sometimes before actually touching it. They are talking about it and point as they talk, hovering their finger over it, but it looks like they are trying to touch it.
    2. Some people seem to not be used to touch, sometimes its a quick stabbing motion that doesnt activate the icon, sometimes with the very tip of the finger. Reminds me of my gf using my playbook, sometimes things dont work for her touch, but always do with mine.
    12-17-12 10:26 AM
  9. calicocat2010's Avatar

    This is what France's first impressions are and that the result was A Very smooth and fast demo.

    Gestures slow is because the user is failing to execute the device correctly.
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    12-17-12 10:57 AM
  10. Emu the Foo's Avatar
    Yeah! And why are prototype cars never complete or work right?!? And how come the secret coke recipe isn't know by all the workers, to which I must ask, why are the few people who know the coke recipe never in the same room or plane together?!?
    12-17-12 12:51 PM

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