08-10-11 02:56 AM
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  1. daveycrocket's Avatar
    Except it's "dyslexic" (Sorry - just couldn't pass it up!)

    But, I agree - does detract. And anyone can type in a hurry & hit a wrong key & not see it until after submitting. It's the horrid grammar that gets me.

    You wouldn't think CB would have so much RIM bashing, but I guess some people don't have enough productive work to do. I've enjoyed RIM much better than other companies (both CS & products), like Panasonic, Dell, HP, Apple, to name a few.
    I got the y in the right place
    08-09-11 04:19 PM
  2. blazed12's Avatar
    You know why they hating? because RIM is the devil! You hear me?!? DEVIL!!

    Lord have mercy!!
    08-09-11 05:09 PM
  3. miktro's Avatar
    Its no wonder their economy is doing so bad . By trying to take down Rimm wont help Rimm employs alot of people in the us .
    08-09-11 05:50 PM
  4. UnknownError507's Avatar
    Despite what PPl/Users say about BlackBerry i still use and love them and i cant w8 to get my hands on the new torch awwww.
    In my opinion when i buy a new device i first read reviews watch some video and if im pleased with what i red and see im going to try the device and in case i really dont like the device i returned in 30days but i never hate or shout out how bad is that device, in my opinion it wasn't for me and i switched.

    I had Galaxy S for 2weeks then i dint like the super sensitive thing phone and i change it for an Iphone4 i kept the iPhone for 1week awwww awesome game device but not for me, so i change it for a torch 9800 almost a year i have this phone and i cant w8 to buy the second generation of the torch 9810.
    08-09-11 06:41 PM
  5. WILLSaDICKted's Avatar
    We are all phone geeks, admit it,for it is the truth. We sit here and discuss phone gossip and drool over new BlackBerry's . Droid fans are the same way, only they feel this obligation to convert everyone to Droidism. They remind of me the bible thumpers, thinking they have to save everyone and criticizing those who choose not to. See the relation here? Blackberry fans are focused on what they need, sure we all want faster processors, better browsing, and maybe a revamped App World. But what we all need is our email, bbm, and those lovely keyboards. Droidites were once BlackBerry users most likely, and jumped ship when the trend shifted. They cant understand why we love our BlackBerry's and why we hold on to them. Its simple though, we love them! We have somewhat of an emotional attachment to these iconic devices. Droids are a dime a dozen, countless sub par manufacturers popping phones left and right. iPhone is limited by the convictions of apple and their war on flash ect. BlackBerry is the perfect device for BlackBerry users. Droid fans want more and more endlessly hungering for whats next, while BlackBerry fans are content and patient for what the future holds. So who's happy? We are! We have phones we love made by a manufacturer we trust. End of story, let em hate, their just jealous of what he have. And thats piece of mind.
    08-09-11 08:43 PM
  6. Economist101's Avatar
    I'm sure the hate is fostered and promoted by (a) competing platforms (to kill off their competition); (b) paid pr firm posters and simple idiots who are useful to the competing platforms; (c) the owned, useless mainstream "news" media (for various reasons); and (d) governments that want to drive people away from using secure BlackBerry and/or kill off the secure BlackBerry platform for everyone except themselves.
    You left out the black helicopters, the faked moon landing, Barack Obama was born in Kenya, Bin Laden lives, aliens at Roswell, the JFK conspiracy and the claim that the Twin Towers fell in a controlled demolition.
    08-10-11 01:03 AM
  7. olblueyez's Avatar
    You left out the black helicopters, the faked moon landing, Barack Obama was born in Kenya, Bin Laden lives, aliens at Roswell, the JFK conspiracy and the claim that the Twin Towers fell in a controlled demolition.
    And Jumbo jets that can strike a building 4 feet off the ground without leaving wreckage or scratch marks on the lawn.

    Man you crack me up dude.
    08-10-11 01:12 AM
  8. mobibiz's Avatar
    I do understand that some people like the Iphone and some love the BlackBerry. What hurts me here is that people should understand that this forum is for BlackBerry lovers and supporters, although we do assist people with other devices issues. It's absolutely justified to disagree but the way some people take up RIM and it's devices even without having used them, or due to one single bad experience... things get out of hand. This is not a hate forum, before posting anything against BlackBerries do read... CRACKBERRY sounds similar? Because it's for people who own, use and discuss the Blackberry
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    08-10-11 02:37 AM
  9. olblueyez's Avatar
    They should have their heads chopped!!!
    08-10-11 02:56 AM
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