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    So we've seen rumours come and go. Lenovo, Cerberus, the list goes on!

    But the most recent talk of a deal with Samsung is the first time I've stopped in my tracks and actually taken notice.

    This could be the real deal - and I'll explain why.

    Before we get too carried away though, let's mention the obvious. Even if there's a basis to these rumours, the actuality may not be a full company takeover. This rumour may have been sparked with something as simple as discussions of a specific business partnership around a given product (such as BES). It may be that BlackBerry simply announce a collaboration with Samsung on a feature or product.

    But equally possible is a significant merger or acquisition. Let's look at some of the reasons why I believe this is the most credible rumour yet.

    1) It makes sense.
    This might seem like a strange way to start, but a Samsung merger simply makes sense. Samsung have massive marketshare in the consumer space and, like Apple, are trying to push into the Enterprise space. A strategic partnership with BlackBerry would make perfect sense. Samsung's exploration into the world of secure enterprise communications (ie: KNOX) has already borrowed a lot of BlackBerry's expertise (including ex-BlackBerry staff). Samsung is also more than just a handset maker. They produce a large array of products that fit BlackBerry's IoT vision perfectly.

    We've seen Apple partner with IBM to strengthen their grip on the enterprise market - but a merger between Samsung and BlackBerry would create a very formidable opponent to Apple's intentions. From BES to BBM to QNX and the UoT (Project ION), BlackBerry's knowledge, staff and patents would fit almost perfectly into Samsung's vision - and likewise Samsung's market share, vision and drive would fit well into BlackBerry's.

    2. They're already working closely together.
    The rumours of a Lenovo merger just didn't hold water. There was very little interaction between the companies prior to the rumour and little reason for that to change. Samsung on the other hand, is a different story. BlackBerry has increasingly had a very close relationship with Samsung. There has been talk of deeper integration of BES and Samsung Knox, talk of possible licensing agreements for BB10 on Samsung hardware. Talk of BlackBerry working on securing Android platforms. Not to mention the history of staff sharing between Samsung and BlackBerry. They have a good co-operative relationship already in place - so it makes sense that they would seek to deepen that with a more formal merger.

    3. The stock price is telling.
    OK, so we know changes in stock don't always indicate the credibility of a rumour. We saw a 1% increase upon the Cerberus rumour. A 6% jump within hours of the Lenovo rumour. But with the mumblings of a Samsung deal, BlackBerry shares have skyrocketed a massive 30%. This is significant and shows that investors believe this rumour to be credible.

    It's interesting times for BlackBerry, and personally I'm actually excited about the prospect of a Samsung merger. I believe it could just be what BlackBerry needs to re-enter both the Enterprise and Consumer markets. I don't believe it will be a negative thing, and I believe the possibilities are exciting.

    I believe BlackBerry and the BlackBerry 10 OS have a bright future, and that future might very well include Samsung.

    Time will tell
    01-14-15 04:58 PM
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    01-14-15 05:03 PM

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