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    What if your smartphone is out of touch? - BBC News

    As the article says, there are people who need the physical 3D sensation of a physical keyboard to use a phone effectively.

    This covers cerebral palsy, Parkinson's disease and any physical handicap that makes touch screens difficult if not impossible to use. The article does not mention sight impairments where feel of keys is important too.

    This is less about productivity than necessity for a larger number of people than realised. Perhaps BlackBerry could branch out and specialise in making/have made physical keyboard phones for a new demographic, those who need them as an aid.

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    11-23-16 06:35 AM
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    In the last earnings report BlackBerry has said they are out of hardware, phone will be coming from licensing, I think depends on the licensee if they want to make pkb or not
    11-23-16 06:37 AM
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    11-23-16 08:16 AM

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