1. brandie346's Avatar
    Curve 8320
    In Options, it's set as Keep Appointments: Forever.
    Synced with Google Calendar via Google Sync.

    My calendar is deleting entries that are one week old. Not any dates before that. For example, now that it's Wednesday, last Tuesday's entry is gone. All of July's entries are there.

    This has been happening for a while. I keep having to delete all entries from my Blackberry and resync with iCal (my backup to Google Calendar. I like having multiple backups!).

    This is only happening on my Blackberry, not on Google Calendar. All previous entries are still there on GC. But if I delete all entries from the BBerry and sync with GC, it doesn't send all the entries from the past year (which I do need). It only sends the past couple of weeks.

    Have tried re-syncing, resetting sync, deleting, multiple battery pulls, syncing with ICal to get everything back... and yet Calendar deletes entries one day at a time.

    08-13-08 11:35 AM
  2. Troubleina's Avatar
    when i got my berry, the CS guy said that if you have too many pics or whatever on your phone memory, it will delete your calendar. you need to get a memory chip.
    08-13-08 11:41 AM
  3. jchatman1's Avatar
    It does it to save you memory. It only does it when it HAS to if youve selected the forever option.
    so DELETE your pictures and clear out your cache and delete unneeded apps so youll have enough memory to keep those dates!!!
    08-13-08 11:48 AM
  4. brandie346's Avatar
    when i got my berry, the CS guy said that if you have too many pics or whatever on your phone memory, it will delete your calendar. you need to get a memory chip.
    Hmm, I have a 2GB card in there, but maybe the pics are being saved to the phone memory... I will look into that. Thanks!
    08-13-08 11:48 AM
  5. 49ways's Avatar
    Check your File Free... Options > Status. You should try to keep your File Free above 12 000 000. I suspect a memory leak. Follow this guide to free up some memory on your device:

    08-13-08 11:53 AM
  6. brandie346's Avatar
    Ok, I'm up to 26.9MB free, we'll see how it goes. Thanks all!
    08-13-08 12:36 PM
  7. rbrooks86's Avatar
    My Pearl 8130 started doing the same thing about 2 weeks ago. I havent changed anything so I am a little confused by it. I've done the memory cleaning stuff but it still deletes the appointments from the 7th day prior. Anything before or after that is left alone. From reading all the posts about this type of problem it seems most everyone is running Google sync. A common denominator? It doesnt delete them from my google calendar but I did have google sync set to automatic. I am testing it now by changing google sync to manual.
    I will know by tomorrow afternoon if that may be it.
    11-13-08 01:34 AM
  8. rbrooks86's Avatar
    I found the culprit! I changed my google sync setting on my phone to manual yesterday. My appointments from last Thursday, 7 days ago, remained in my calendar today. When I did a manual sync with google this evening, last Thursdays appointments disappeared off my phone, and they were there before doing the sync. When they delete off the phone, they still show up on the google calendar website. Also the sync stats state nothing changed. I am thinking maybe reinstalling the google app due to corruption.
    11-13-08 11:23 PM