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    Has anyone ever heard of the expression, "sh1t happens"?

    I keep seeing a bunch of threads full of outrage, with people on the verge of picking up their pitchforks and marching on BlackBerry
    buildings in Waterloo. People need to calm down.

    I got my PlayBook a month after it came out, for $599.99. As with all my BlackBerrys, I spent at least another $100 in accessories (charging dock, leather journal case, rubber skin case, neon blue neoprene sleeve).

    The PlayBook is everything it was advertised as. It wasn't advertised to ever be getting BlackBerry10 (check your boxes). BlackBerry mentioned the PlayBook getting BlackBerry 10 almost like an afterthought, like, "Oh yeah, the PlayBook will get it too." The language changed over time, to stuff like, "we have teams working on bringing BlackBerry 10 to the PlayBook," and thats when I think some people started seeing the writing on the wall.

    Maybe BlackBerry might want to apologize to PlayBook-owning members of "#TeamBlackBerry" for not following through with BB10 on PlayBook, to show some kind of remorse...maybe offer PlayBook owners a discount on BB10 accessories for a week or something, but let's be clear: BlackBerry never "promised" BlackBerry10 on the PlayBook. No one PROMISED us anything. No one told us under oath that it was coming. Yeah, the President & CEO said it was coming to PlayBook, but guess what? Things change. Anyone ever heard of the expression "sh1t happens"? And when sh1t happens, of course people are going to be angry. But nowhere on the PlayBook box did it say, "upgradeable to BlackBerry10." It wasn't even advertised in ANY WAY. It was more of like a bonus feature that none of us honestly even expected. BlackBerry simply overextended themselves.

    Yes, we should be able to be "trust" the leadership at BlackBerry, but guess what? I still do.

    BlackBerry logically had two choices with BlackBerry 10 on the PlayBook, so let's look at the first one, the one everyone had hoped for: release BB10 for the PlayBook. Apparently it had bugs/issues that they didn't feel would make the experience good.. so imagine all the negative stories about "Problems with BlackBerry 10" on the PlayBook that would be written. This would taint the image and public perception of BlackBerry 10 as a whole, in addition to the well-known "lack of apps" issue (which gets better seemingly daily). BlackBerry 10 being problematic is definitely not what BlackBerry would want people to think, and all because they crammed it onto their almost-forgotten 2 year old tablet? It's just not worth it. I for one would be so angry if they gave us BlackBerry 10 on the PlayBook, which led to complaints and even more problems, which led to people not wanting BlackBerry 10 phones, which led to less app development, and more problems for BlackBerry in general. It's a big picture issue.. in the big picture, giving a few hundred thousand people BB10 on the PlayBook (or however many of us owners there are), only to have more problems, isn't worth the probable backlash and negative sentiment that would be directed at BlackBerry 10 in general.

    Their other alternative was the one they went with, though I'm sure they did everything they could to not have to: ...not giving us BlackBerry 10 on the PlayBook. I'm sure this was a difficult decision, in particular for Mr. Heins because he's the one who said PlayBooks would get BlackBerry 10, but I respect their decision. Everyone will handle this bit of bad news in their own way. Some will/have put up all their BlackBerry devices up for sale, some will never buy BlackBerrys again because of this. I don't see how this makes our Z10s and Q10s less awesome.

    If you liked your BlackBerry 10 device before yesterday, why would you get rid of something that makes you happy just to get back at a company? I guess I don't really see the logic in that.
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    06-29-13 07:32 PM
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    and many of people have discussed their opinion of this subject. I understand your points, however maybe try to find a thread already open on this subject and voice your opinion in there?
    06-29-13 07:40 PM

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