01-25-14 03:17 PM
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  1. AnimalPak200's Avatar
    I bought a Z10 in Feb as I wanted to return to BlackBerry and was curious about BB10 and while I love the screen and on-screen kb of the Z10, I knew I'd still be getting a Q10. So I may I did and since getting it, the Z10 has sat in a drawer switched off.
    Man, all these powerful devices just 'sitting inside of drawers'. It's a shame they can't be re purposed to--I don't know--.. work as TV/AV system remote controllers, multi-touch drawing touch pads for PC/Mac, gaming console remotes, surveillance IP cameras, or even distributed computing tasks such as finding the next prime number or running SETI@home to search for extraterrestrial activity!
    06-02-13 05:34 PM
  2. Mstylesberry's Avatar
    I kind of gave up the love for a physical keyboard after the Storm. Storm 1 was a little difficult to get used to but when I finally switch to the Storm 2, wow what a great phone. Then upgraded to the Torch 9850, so moving to the Z10 was a blessing. I wouldn't ever give up the larger screen size over a physical keyboard especially with the Z10's awesome & unbeatable keyboard!

    Posted via CB10
    06-02-13 06:03 PM
  3. sportline's Avatar
    If i use q10 then i may need a tablet or another phone for news etc. Z10 is good for now. Time for BlackBerry to make a 5.5" BlackBerry phablet.

    Z10, Indonesia
    06-02-13 06:08 PM
  4. southlander's Avatar
    I'm still not sure the Q will outsell the Z though. There is a certain market for QWERTY keyboards but most people have spoken and moved on to touch screens. It will be interesting to sit back and watch.
    Going by reports from the UK and Canada it appears the Q10 is selling quite a bit better than the Z10 as I read it. Additionally it seems the Z10 did better outside the US. So the big question is will the Q10 be a hit in the US.

    Posted via BlackBerry 10
    06-02-13 09:13 PM
  5. danfrancisco's Avatar
    Hi guys, just a quick update to this thread...

    Starting today, my wife and I are swapping our BBs. We are going to do a trial run to see what it's like with a different BB10 phone, which means I will be running with a Q10 as my daily driver for much longer than the original 24 hours when I first got it. I decided that now was a good time to do this trial a lot has happened since giving my wife my Q10 back at the beginning of May, ... mainly LEAK MANIA!!! So I am super pumped to install the leak on my SQN100-3 model and give it a good run.

    The things I'll be watching for are:

    1. How effective will I be at typing going back to a physical keyboard after 5 months of Z10 brilliance?
    2. Will I miss the larger Z10 screen? I do a lot of Netflixing, YouTubing and general TV watching on my BB so this should be interesting (note: I was watching videos on my BBs going back to the 8900 so watching on a smaller screen won't be a new thing for me... we'll just see how spoiled I've gotten by the Z10). I'm also worried about how message boards (not talking CB here) will auto size on the Q10 screen. On the Z10, I flip it to landscape and double tap to zoom and I've got the perfect text width for reading. No such option on the Q10. I don't want to use an RSS reader because they only provide snippets of the article; you still have to click through to the native site to read the whole thing (unless someone knows of an app that works around this).
    3. Will I be able to adapt to the new (old) Q10 shortcuts after becoming muscle trained to use gestures?
    4. Will I like the dark theme (unlike many, I wasn't a big fan of the black screens)?

    I'm super excited to give the Q10 another chance! Wish I could say the same for my wife as she's already groaning about the touch keyboard (she loves her QWERTY). We'll see if BB can convert her to a virtual keyboard lover like they did me!
    06-16-13 03:52 PM
  6. web99's Avatar
    Originally my plan was to get the Z10 until the Q10 came out, but I really ended up liking the device, especially the larger screen-size and the keyboard was amazing. About a week after I started using it , I did not miss the physical keyboard. After that I decided to stick with the Z10.

    Posted via CB10 from my spectacular Z10
    06-16-13 05:41 PM
  7. Xenrip's Avatar
    I was wondering where or with who i could trade the z10 for the q10? Help! I had a blackberry curve before and i just felt odd with the z10's virtual keyboard :/

    Posted via CB10
    06-16-13 07:25 PM
  8. danfrancisco's Avatar
    Man... been a while since this thread had any activity! The swap trial that I did with my wife back in June 2013 which was supposed to last for a month, only lasted a week. She hated the touch keyboard and was demanding for her Q10 back!

    In the week that I had the Q10, I fell in love with QWERTY all over again so parting with it after just a week brought great sorrow! I was so heartbroken that immediately started looking for deals online to get my own Q10! Eventually I settled back into using the Z10 and was back to being a touchscreen lover.

    Fast forward to today and the landscape has changed quite a bit! BlackBerry continues to struggle and BB10 was anything but their saviour. What hasn't changed though is the fact that we're a BlackBerry household. My wife is still in love with her Q10 and I ended up grabbing one for my work SIM in September 2013 to replace my 9900.

    Today I'm rocking the Z30 as my daily driver and the Q5 as my work phone. The Z10 and Q10 sit in a drawer waiting to enter my rotation.

    Looking forward to seeing what John Chen has in store for 2014! Can't wait to see the first leaked pics of the Jakarta!

    Posted via CB10
    01-25-14 12:33 PM
  9. gebco's Avatar
    We're also a BlackBerry family : Z10, Q10 and Q5. Would love to get a Z30 but that probably won't happen any time soon.

    Posted via CB10
    01-25-14 01:01 PM
  10. anon(5956773)'s Avatar
    I feel the same way going from z to q. Opposite of your story.

    Extremely unhappy with T-Mobile not releasing 10.2 yet...
    01-25-14 03:02 PM
  11. BitPusher2600's Avatar
    Is it supposed to be impossible for someone to actually want/prefer the screensize of the Q? I don't think there's anything wrong with preferring the more traditional BlackBerry form factor for any X number of reasons.

    Posted from BitPusher's Q10
    01-25-14 03:17 PM
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