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    My post asks no question, I just want to share with you all my experience this week as to why I love my BB, and why I don't know what I'd do without it.

    I work for a nationwide construction products company, with plants throughout the US and Canada. The location I work at got struck by lightning on Thursday, which in turn blew our phone network as well as our computer network. I immediately jumped on my work phone (i570 thru Sprint/Nextel) and called the phone company that handles our network to get that squared away. I then proceeded to contact my corporate IT department to get to the bottom of our computer network problems. I'm not an IT person, I just have a fair grasp on how computers/networks work, and can usually find a soloution to most IT issues. Turns out the switch for our network was fried in the lightning blast. IT tells me to run to Best Buy and pick up a new 24 port switch to replace the one that shot crap. Spoke with my boss regarding this purchase, and he asked me how much it would cost to get a new one. Since our network was down (no internet) I pull out my BB, get on Best Buy.com, look up a new switch, tell him how much it costs. While he's getting the petty cash together, I copy the page address on my BB browser, send it to the IT guy, to make sure that it's the correct one. Within 30 seconds, I get a response saying that it is the correct switch. Run to Best Buy, look for the switch, none in stock. I run to customer service, speak with the gal at the desk, tell her what I'm looking for, open my browser again with the page still loaded with the item, give her the SKU to look up in the system, find the right one at the location 3 miles away. Pick up the new switch, hook it up to our system. Turns out 4 computers plus the printer still won't connect to the network. Call IT again, the guy i'm working with asks me to send him pics of the switch, pull out the BB and while I'm on the phone with him (on the nextel) i'm snapping pics and e-mailing them to him to look at. Long story short, if I hadn't been able to fire off mobile e-mails the way that I could with my BB, an issue that has been partially fixed in a day and a half would have taken much longer to fix.
    I don't have a company issued BB, I used my personal BB with BIS to get the job done. Without it, I never would have gotten the answers that I needed to fix the issue that we had. BB gets the job done every time, and, for me, it's the most efficient device to relay the information needed to get things done now.

    Sorry the story is so patchy, I've been drinking...

    I love you Curve 8330!!
    10-03-09 02:00 AM
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    Great story. I feel the same way about my BB.

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    10-03-09 03:05 AM
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    Excellent story buddy. Your story makes me love my BB even more.

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    10-03-09 04:21 AM
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    Sorry the story is so patchy, I've been drinking...

    I love you Curve 8330!!
    10-03-09 04:42 AM