1. 13Blackcoins's Avatar
    For some reason I am getting the LED's but no sound notification for texts/emails. I didn't change any of the notification/sound profiles. Notifications is set to 'normal'. My volume is turned up full and sound works for videos/games etc.

    Was working fine last night. Put it in Bedside Mode before going to bed. Woke up and no sound. I've installed sachesi, snap and three or four apps and did not install any other sideloaders/leaks etc.
    07-20-15 10:11 AM
  2. 13Blackcoins's Avatar
    OK looks like it was a loser user problem. I fixed it. Apparently there was a conflict between the system and an app setting. Can't remember doing it but but I've been up late playing with this thing, tired and most likely didn't realise what I was doing.
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    07-20-15 03:30 PM

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