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    My first blackberry was the storm 1. Since then I went to palm briefly then back to a storm 2. I average a new phone every six months and consider myself a heavy user. I go through around three batteries a day. I travel for work and I am constantly running milage tracking and GPS and expense tracking apps on top of web browsing and games. I am getting the itch for a new phone and as much as I like blackberries they haven't really shown anything new I can get excited about. Sure the clamshell and slider get a little spotlight, but I've seen no specs on processor or ram, and no little teasers of anything the future holds. I especially have the bug for a new phone since going S1 to S2 didn't really feel like I got a new phone. I am an early adopter of technology, and although I do have a life, I do enjoy the anticipation and excitement of getting a shiny new device to accompany me during my days. Is anyone else out there in a similar boat? (thinking about jumping ship because they are drooling over new hardware from other companies because RIM hasn't given us anything to really get excited about) with all the exciting devices from dell, Motorola, htc, and apple on the horizon, most of which have teased their hardware specs, you would think RIM would tease at newer devices with specs that could compete to keep our minds on the future of blackberry. As it stands I feel like the next generation of hardware is going to be underpowered compared to what the competition has up its sleve.
    05-26-10 07:26 AM
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    I guess the question I have is, why did you come back to the Storm 2?

    Sure, other phones might have the "sizzle" factor, and that is great and all. But if the functionality of the BlackBerry is what brought you back, do you really think switching to the latest/greatest new Android/WebOS/WinMo device is going to give you the functionality you want?

    There have been several threads from people who have left the Berry behind, only to come back for one reason or another. Only you can decide which functions best for you.

    That being said, since you are with Verizon, you have the Bold 9650 coming, rumors of the Storm 3, and BlackBerry 6 OS. I don't think we'll see drastic changes in the lineup since what is out there works... and works well at what makes up the core BlackBerry experience. BB6 will probably be the biggest change we'll see in the near future.
    05-26-10 08:23 AM
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    If you're having any doubts about blackberry, get a android phone and be done with it. RIM isn't coming out with anything in the same neighborhood for a while. That is not their business model and they would be stupid to compete.
    05-26-10 08:39 AM
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    I returned because palm felt like an inferior device to me. It did web browsing better, but that's about it. Shipped with ten factory ringtones, none of which sounded professional, keyboard was cramped, and not much in the way of apps, no voice dialing. Battery life doesn't bother me because I usually buy two or three extras. That phone would make a good smartphone for someone coming from a regular phone but I can't see anyone coming from a different smartphone being content with it. I guess I'm looking for the functionality of my blackberry with all of the bells and whistles that other smartphonew have, I hate to beat a dead horse, but like the incredible. I am aware that Verizon's 4g lte hits soon and I should hold on my upgrade until maybe late summer or early fall, but if I leap soon, I'd be ready for another around that time anyway, or around the holidays at least. I'm hoping for a BlackBerry with all of the visual flair and hardware power of the other guys, even just a leak of something would keep me happy, but I'm just not seeing it. I'm not one to just go grab new hardware because everyone else does. I do tons of research first to find what best suits me, and more and more I'm finding the competition is delivering the goods. I'm really just wondering what others opinions are about the new hardware coming from the other guys and their os's functionality and based on past experiences from rim (I'm too new to know) those who have been with BlackBerry for a long time could offer some input on the subject.
    05-26-10 08:47 AM
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    I did the exact same thing - Curve 8330 to Pre+ to Storm2 - there is a reason it's called Crackberry.

    My friend is looking into getting the EVO. I will just use his when he gets it and make my own judgment. I like the BB OS and it's customization options. I'm sure the EVO has the wow factor, but can it's functionality and ability to pound out e-mails trump the Crackberry? That is the real question for me.

    The other factor that many overlook at first is the battery life. The ability to get through a full day on a charge is imperative for me, and I would think any serious smartphone user. There is a tradeoff between 1GHZ processors and battery life. Ever try to get a case that fits an extended battery door? Good luck - few and far between. Could RIM slap a huge processor, gobs of RAM, etc... Into a device - sure they can - but it's NOT about specs with RIM.

    It's about functionality and ease of use. This is where they shine, and the reason why you don't see any specifics on future devices. Just know that every incremental improvement in OS, hardware, and core apps is like that for a reason - because the base experience is tried and true, proven solid.

    RIM is not getting blown away by the competition. I know some on this forum compare new phones coming out to 1 year old BB's and say things like "the Storm is like an Atari" or "like comparing a Mercedes to a Ford Escort". You will have more fun playing a Wii than you will an Atari. And you will have a smile on your face after driving a Ferrari as opposed to a Yugo. It is this Fun that is driving the consumer market now, and why so many are leaving their BB's behind. I think RIM is also addressing this Fun factor with their upcoming devices, and yet another reason you don't see a whole lot of leaked specs. Why give the competition any info that could hurt you?
    05-26-10 09:08 AM
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    Good post. The kind of things I'm looking for. I'm thinking the wow factor is becomming importang to me because during the day I have long bouts of downtime during travel for work and I'd like to be able to "play" with my phone. Good games. Good browsing. Good apps. But I also need to be able to work efficiently when its time. I'm looking for the work functionality of the BB with the play factor of say iphone or incredible.
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    05-26-10 09:52 AM
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    Your current phone will be OS 6 compatible.
    05-26-10 10:38 AM