1. rockwilder's Avatar
    I have a BOLD, and i have it set up with 3 email accounts, my work email which is pop3, my hotmail and my blackberry mail

    the blackberry and the hotmail recieve mail instantly, within seconds, the pop 3 account however takes significantly longer.

    now i know how pop3 works and how it has to poll the server, but its supposed to take between 2 to 15 minutes. Sometimes it takes 40 minutes to get emails, this is ridiculous. even if it polls the server finds nothing, and then i get an email and it polls it again 15 minutes later, that is still only 30 mins at the most, so why am i waiting sometimes more than an hour for an email to arrive on my bold after it has arrived in my inbox
    12-17-08 04:25 PM
  2. Chicklet's Avatar
    I find that larger files and ones with attachments will take longer.
    12-17-08 04:38 PM