1. anon3396357's Avatar
    To clarify, the 4 dots has to appear beside the Wi-fi signal icon before I can connect to the browser or use 3rd party apps on Wi-fi. Even when my phone is connected to Wi-Fi, it acts as if it is not fully connected - the native browser recognizes "half" of it, because it won't load even though I'm connected to 3G, is trying to load the page through Wi-Fi which is connected yet not connected. Are you confused yet? I'm confused as well. Is this a security feature or something? My Android tablet can connect to Wi-fi in a matter of seconds and get the browser going in an instant.
    11-25-11 10:32 AM
  2. HershL's Avatar
    I dunno.

    Before I put my sim card in, I didn't have the dots, and I could use the browswer via wi-fi without a problem. It did do goofy things on some sites when I was using the editor answering forums - I think it got confused whether or not I was on mobile or not, and it didn't word wrap right, but I could browse, do email, etc. without a real problem, with no sim card.
    12-14-11 02:06 AM