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    The thing is, are these things complained about from most people.

    WinMO is laggy - but it is still acceptable for a large number of folks.

    Most iphone users I know couldn't care less about multi-tasking.

    Palm's keyboards are subjective......as are browsers for everyphone

    just sayin'.....
    I think that on the whole, consumers accept these issues. I'm not saying that these phones are horrible - far from it. And of course, I have one of these devices. What I'm saying is that it seems odd that there seems to be the same complaints about the same devices over an extended amount of time. I understand any phone having issues, but it is the duration of these issues that make me wonder. How does a phone manufacturer ignore such complaints for years and years? I bought a WM smartphone back in 2005 or 2006 - can't remember. It was super slow. I checked online, a lot more complaints about the lag. I read the reviews of upcoming WM devices, all have the same negative comment - laggy. How do they ignore this?

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    There'll never be a perfect phone period. We're all individuals and as such all have different wants and desires of what we want to see in a phone, manufacturers just try to make their phones include the most wanted features.

    I love (and hate) both iPhone and BB. I'm enjoying my iPhone in the media department, but that's where it ends since it's basically a glorified iPod once you factor in the horrible call quality/RF.

    With BB it's the opposite... blows in the media department, but shines in the actual phone department (better battery life, signal, and call quality). Unless one of these companies can somehow implement the best of both worlds I'll continue jumping ship back and forth.

    Having the perfect phone would be nice, but the battery wouldn't last, that's for sure.
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    Why would they put such a readily available 3rd party function in their OS? It adds size that many people don't want or need. I personally don't need or want my phone to vibe and ring, but if I did for some reason, I'd know where to get that app and can choose to waste my valuable space on that.
    I have to agree with this to a point, and to be honest, I've never really thought about this in that way. I think that alot of people are comparing their smartphones to the ability of some dumbphones, but are discounting the fact that the smartphones can be loaded with 3rd party apps to fix alot of the shortfalls that the smartphone may have, like vibe & ring for instance. There are a ton of dumbphones that can do this, but a BB can't, but you can download an app to make it do that, the dumbphone does not allow you to do that, you're just stuck with the way it works, like it or not, you can't download anything to make it do what you want... I hope I'm making some kind of sense, not sure if I'm expressing my thought clearly...

    Also, there seems to be alot of money out there that's up for grabs in the 3rd party app development market. I would imagine that if BB, or iPhone, or Palm (WM) added every little thing into their OS that can be taken care of by downloading a 3rd party app, developers would stop creating apps for said device, and there's a pretty good chance that the manufacturer would take a sales hit becaus of this. Just think, if Apple pulled the plug on all the 3rd party apps for the iPhone, and said they're going to add more functionality into their OS, and only allow apps developed by Apple onto their iPhone, they'd take a HUGE hit in the consumer market. The main reason most people get the iPhone is because "there's an app for that", that's how they market it. If you shut down the 3rd party app market, you shut down your sales... The same can be said for the BB and their App World, just on a smaller scale since there are less apps, but if RIM said they weren't going to support 3rd party apps, I have a feeling that a solid number of folks would turn to a different device, that would allow them to get the apps they need to do what they desire it to do...

    The main thing where I can't fathom why the manufacturer won't fix the problems are when they have to do with the main operating system, and the hardware of the device. It's always been a constant complaint regarding Palm devices that the battery life is absolute crap. Why can't Palm do something about that? You would think that it wouldn't be a huge deal for them to get a stronger battery! I've got a friend who just got rid of his 800w and got into a 8330 mainly because of the battery life issue, and the fact that WM was way too slow and locked up on him all the time.

    And to continue with the WM OS, I think the problem with that is it's not developed by the phone manufacturer at all, rather by Microsoft. If it were an OS developed in house, like Palm's webOS, I would think that they'd be able to use more of those R&D dollars to fix their own OS, I can't imagine that Microsoft has as strong an interest in their mobile OS, since they are more geared towards the consumer PC market, so they'll make a mobile OS that works alright, and update it every few years just to keep most people happy... Maybe if Microsoft made their own device like Apple does they'd put some more jack into their OS! So Palm, and other manufacturers that use WM can complain all they want to Microsoft about their OS, but that doesn't mean Microsoft is going to do anything... Kudos to Palm for developing their own OS, maybe it'll make things better for them, I hear it's a dandy of a system!
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    If Microsoft ignores their mobile consumer base, they will fall and fall hard. Smartphones seem to be dominating the electronic world and selling more than PCs. I read somewhere that smartphone sales are up and PC sales are way down. If Microsoft wants to stay dominant, they better get with it. If they could get rid of the lag, it would be one heck of an OS. It is very versatile, and can meet the profile of any smartphone.

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