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    I am using the most current Version of BBOS, by the time of posting this question this is 103.2.2836, and I cannot install Sygic using the apk or the Snap store. The error message just says "Unable to install this app". There are no error codes or something else that would help me identify the problem.
    01-16-16 12:19 PM
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    I just installed it using Google play and is fully functional. I no longer use Snap since it appears to no longer be supported and has some functional limitations.

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    01-16-16 04:36 PM
  3. bratac's Avatar
    Thank you for this hint but it didn't work either. I am waiting for the next version of this app.
    01-24-16 05:25 AM
  4. Lusitano17's Avatar
    Did you attempt to install directly from Google Play or with Cobalt's Google Play workaround? Sygis cannot be installed directly from Google Play...you need the workaround for Play services.

    In addition OS .2836 has an error which prevents the re-install of android apps.

    Read both of the following links...they address each of the issues you face. You can make Sygis work.


    01-27-16 12:21 AM
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    So, as per your post sygic v15 is working fine in BlackBerry os 10. Isn't it?

    I tried v14, and the apps worked quick, but it lost gps signal many times compared with navfree(native)

    Is anyone using on Classic?
    have u tried with maps in external sd?

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    03-14-16 03:36 PM
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    I will answer my own questions, sygic v15.6.1 UI looks great in my Classic but it losses the gps signal frequently.

    :update >
    unexpectedly sygic seems to be working fine during the last days, I don't know the exact reason but now it is not showing the red banned saying the gps signal is weak or inaccurate

    I only can figure that installing Blackberry google id helped or that BlackBerry had any background thing running and the hidden multitasking was bad for Sygic... I dunno


    The odd thing is that in the path, navfree doesn't lost the signal,
    Is anyone suffering this behaviour? Any solution?

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    03-16-16 05:32 PM
  7. dpgo's Avatar
    My updates with this gps issue with android Sygic are:

    I uninstalled the google play services and during many days Sygic worked perfectly for hours in tha same roads where I had problems before.

    However, I had problems again with GPS and Sygic, as I always suspect from android apps running on background and maybe also using gps. I killed some some android apps from BlackBerry apps monitor but Sygic was still working bad, I also killed some BlackBerry apps.

    Sygic didn't loss gps signal again during this journey.

    I dunno exactly which app was causing the problem, but at least I am close to find the cause

    Have u had this issue with any android app?

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    04-08-16 06:51 AM
  8. dpgo's Avatar
    Has anyone feedback installing latest versions of sygic?
    Android tomtom?

    Posted via CB10
    08-15-16 12:54 PM

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