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    I need to know how BB push mail works. I am using BB 8320 curve.
    I had an argument with a friend on push mail service and I supported BB push mail.

    I will put down my understanding and please correct me where ever required.

    The BB device is connected to the NOC via carrier.
    NOC is hosted by carrier.
    NOC is connected to the BB internet server
    BB internet server communicates with email servers

    The question is, what happens when an email is available in the email server?

    The below is my assumption. (Please correct)

    NOC is constantly connected to the BB servers.
    The BB servers notify the NOC when a new email arrives.
    The NOC notifies the BB device about the new email.
    The device then connects to the BB server to download email header(2 KB)
    On demand the BB device reconnects to the server and download full email message.

    I am not sure if the above is correct.

    Please provide me the technical details on how BB push mail works and how is it different from IMAP-IDLE(used by many 3rd party email clients).

    Please provide some links with this regard.

    08-02-10 10:58 PM