08-02-16 11:26 PM
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    Though I'm with you on many points, I wanted to stress that the only times I ever see battery drain on my BlackBerry10 handset are in low signal strength areas and when android Skype pegs and spies or does whatever else it does e.g. runs poorly, etc. Thus far those have been the only battery drain culprits. (That's not to say that BlackBerry couldn't flip a switch and drain my battery by doing something in the background if it chose to.)
    Kindle and skype. That's why I removed them.
    The only android ports from BlackBerry world I still have are Kobo (for books) and 7digital (for music). Both use android runtime to upload small amounts of data periodically to their websites via wi-fi or cellular without my control (beyond deactivating them).
    I cannot guarantee that all those data uploads are all legitimate and only for sync-ing books or music...

    But, what I wrote was not really about bb10 or BlackBerry. As long as you remove all android apps, or those that are bad, bb10 phones should be fine.
    My posts were about Baidu and Huawei phones.
    Regarding BlackBerry, I merely implied that if Qualcomm or the NSA wants to embed code on a Qualcomm IC without BlackBerry knowing about it, it could happen to a BlackBerry phone.
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    04-30-16 11:30 AM
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    Elvis is also from the (late) 1950's...
    And is still the king

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    05-01-16 12:30 AM
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    And is still the king
    While one of my best friends would certainly agree with you.... BB10, like Elvis, has already left the building!
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    05-01-16 05:24 AM
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    While one of my best friends would certainly agree with you.... BB10, like Elvis, has already left the building!
    Very true.

    There are things in this world that are sacred and should not be messed with, Elvis is one of them. With only the shoes on his feet he managed to reach the top of the world, affected millions of lives, shaped an industry and changed the way people see and live in the world to this day. He drowned in a pool of success and despair and died alone with know one there. BlackBerry has a similar story and gets about as much negative attention . Strung out on meds with know one there to straighten them out, just a bunch a blue haired old ladies (us) shouting out "bingo".

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    05-01-16 09:07 AM
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    If the "die hards" put their emotions completely to the side, most probably will not buy a Priv. There are lots of Android phones to choose from.

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    For me the BlackBerry Priv is the only smartphone running Google Android that meets my requirements. The physical keyboard is essential to my user experience.

    BlackBerry Priv with CrackBerry App for Android
    05-08-16 06:38 PM
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    Smartphone market is saturated and provides a tremendous amount of devices which almost look the same. Moving from BB10 to Android is an engineer issue, not a consumer one. Even if consumer installs around 20 applications and use about 7. Even if apps future is doubtful, market is requesting apps and Android is the best for it.

    But market request friendly and productive MenMachineInterface too. BB hardware keyboard allows shortcuts, is better for proper nouns or references, optimize display surface (with can add a sensitive one) but it is true on the other hand increase industrial and market distribution complexity and costs.

    iPhones (even with iOS9) are complex to use : no hub, no switch on moving from desk, reduce control panel, mail to remember... iPhones Display lay-out are nice but often less productive (Boeing and Airbus dashboard are top : only what pilotes need). Multimedia is good but squeeze into Apple platforms and business model (iTunes, Photo, etc.).

    Android smartphones are more opened and convenient, but OEM are not so far strongly involved into upgrades , and de facto offer less security and privacy. Volonteer lack of privacy has been driven by marketing/datamining issues (Google business model), but there are political and social trends for privacy reenforcement.

    So considering these points Blackberry might be able to recover focusing on moving BB MMI to Android, focusing on consumer experience (not to forget BB Link, Blend), multi-plateforme interface and improvement of security and privacy solutions (a Thor VPN ?).

    I wish Blackberry to become a real alternative to the boring Android and Apple smartphone market, focusing on customer interest and not just stock exchange.
    05-18-16 06:24 AM
  7. Miguel Ramalho's Avatar
    So ashamed for my country ...
    Hi blackberry, it's Portugal, we're sorry.
    05-18-16 12:50 PM
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    Leo privacy is so different from other lock Apps...Its an impressive app. The lock style looks so real unlike other apps....must download. Excellent small app, now i can place my mobile anywhere as i have locked my data... Thanks for this free app.
    08-02-16 11:26 PM
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