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    Why you chose BlackBerry? Why it is better than iPhone, android, windows or symbian phone? Give your comment and have fun

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    I don't like to claim its better, I just prefer it. I like the keyboard, push notifications, and led mostly. Also prefer the "look" or style of them.

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    Every OS has things it does better for the most part. Everyone has different needs.
    01-30-11 10:05 PM
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    Battery life, stability, ease of use, great physical keyboard, superior messaging, email, and bbm to name a few.
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    01-30-11 10:08 PM
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    Every OS has things it does better for the most part. Everyone has different needs.
    This. Depending on who you ask, you'll get a different answer from a lot of folks. Just look at how many threads (and flame-sessions) there are all over the forums with people touting strengths and weaknesses of platforms.
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    01-30-11 10:37 PM
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    To kind of echo others here, I stayed with BB because its just what works better for me. I do more messaging and emailing than anything else (although I do much more mobile browsing with the Torch than on any phone before it), and very rarely view videos of any kind beyond the occasional you tube clip. I felt that I couldn't live with a phone that didn't have a physical keyboard, so that narrowed down my options significantly. Other than that, I just like how the BB works; I find the UI intuitive and easy to get around. That's not to say the others are not. But I have worked with an iPhone, for example, and I find doing anything other than running the multitude if available apps on it can be a bit of a pain. BB's just work, but still play just enough to keep my simple brain entertained.

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    01-30-11 10:50 PM
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    I am using Blackberry handsets for a long time but I can’t say that other devices are bad such as iPhone, Symbian and Android. Some of the main points are its battery life is really good, keypad, looks and browsing speed is absolutely good. I used iPhone too but I don’t like too much its browsing speed.
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    01-31-11 02:56 AM
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    Just because, aha aha, I like it!

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    01-31-11 04:32 AM
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    I prefer the blackberry over other phones just mainly because other phones mainly offer apps and such, I just wanted a phone that had web, text,email and the ability to download apps if I ever chose to use them. I've only used an iphone and a courple droids and off the bat I didn't really like the whole touchscreen its a cool thing to have but not for me. To me the blackberry has it all I use it for almost everything, the one thing I don't use it for is to play games, but that's why we have consoles. I just love blackberrys lol, I don't think I can see myself getting a different phone

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    01-31-11 05:09 AM
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    I like how everything integrates together well. Apps like Drivesafe.ly read email as soon as they arrive (you can have the BB re-read them later). With Android (and possibly other platforms), DS has to query the e-mail server and read them from there. If your email app gets them first, DS never gets to read them.

    Other things like autotext and spell check are integrated into just about every app. Other platforms have to have apps added to get similar functionality. It is just simpler with BB.

    Some things are easier on other platforms (SIP/VOIP, customization...). It is more about how you use the device as to which platforms shines better for the user.
    01-31-11 07:10 AM
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    I am looking to switch to Blackberry from Android. All my volunteers use them and seem to love them.
    01-31-11 05:28 PM
  12. Phil DeLong's Avatar
    Love the keyboard, and I get exceptional battery life out of it. Not to say its the best battery in town, some have claimed to get comparable life out of their androids, but I simply could not manage to do that myself.

    When it comes down to it, I want my mobile to be just that, mobile. If I have to constantly charge it that's an instant deal breaker for me.

    Once again, not saying bbs are the only phones with good batteries in the world, I've just found it to be the most hassle free phone, and coupled with how easy it is for me to message on it, it's perfect for me.
    01-31-11 05:47 PM
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    You can swap out the battery and it has a real keyboard (speaking of my 9700).
    01-31-11 05:55 PM
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    I chose the BB 8310 because I had started doing a lot of txting and the motorola phones I was useing didn't have keyboards. Ie slivr, razr, 551. Even with using t9 txting was a challenge for me. At the time iphone 2g and 3g couldn't send or receive mms, use custom ring tones. After settleing into my 8310 I came to realize what I could do with it. Read/write xls and doc files. Send them in emails. Iphone could not at that time. I moved into the 8520 and I thought 0s 5 was great. Iphone 3gs was trying its hand at xls along with android. My BB was great as far as I was concerned. My only complaint was it wasn't 3g. So I jumped to the 9700. O man I loved the 3g. Android and iphone still haveing trouble with base functions that the BB just does. Right out the box. So by the time the Torch came out ios4 is doing things that BB has been doing for me along. Android gets its win office files worked out. "So I'm told". I run get a torch cause I always want a storm. This is my storm. Why did I chose rim for my touch ui platform? I've tried typing on my wifes iphone and didn't like the virtual keyboard. I wanted to make sure I still had a keyboard to fall back on. I believe in the saying if its not broke don't mess w/ it.
    Everbody thinks the torch is under powered but its not. Is has the power it needs along with the ram to keep the flow going.

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    Blackberry does some things very well, but every os has it's strengths and weaknesses. I like blackberry for email, notifications, and bbm that is what it does better than my incredible. My incredible kills the blackberry in speed, web browsing, apps, free gps, and wireless tether.

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    01-31-11 07:06 PM
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    This might be an old thread, but with all the new Android platforms, and the Iphone being available on other networks, this is still a valid question for someone considering their next smart phone.

    I have been buying phones since the bag "brick", to heavy digital flip, to Nextel, to Cell One, my razr, Blackberry 8320 and Blackberry 9300. The #1 reason I continue to choose Blackberry? It's a purpose minded phone for busy people. I need to get my emails, text, check my social media, Shazam music I need to know. I also like signing into separate but, multipleIMs. For web, my own saved music, and phone calls.

    What I am missing that I would need another phone? Touch screen? Not a big issue. I have quick icons with a fully functioning theme. Do I play games where I might need a "gaming" phone? Nope. I was worn out with games on the Razr. My husband got the movie "avatar" on his Samsung Galaxy as well as HBO GO, maybe I would watch movies and HBO shows? I could, but what's a laptop, and fancast for?

    The only other aspect that bothers me, is "free" trials of apps, instead of FREE. Now I know, one might think, how else is the creators of the apps make any money? My answer, other do it! How does Android Market and Apple market many money on tons of free apps?

    THe flip side is.. I have yet to find an app I would love to use, only if free. Sure I paid for a app here and there. Nothing like they would get from me if the gave more away.
    06-06-11 10:56 PM
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    Great Topic,
    I have several comments and possible questions.

    First off, I don’t want to come off as a troll or anything similar, but I always get irked when certain comparisons come up.
    I have been a BB user for a long time. I first signed up with CB when the Storm came to town wanting to learn more about it.
    Since then I have had several storms, Curve and my all-time favorite the Bold 9000.
    I left the CB community a few years ago as my company had transitioned from BB to WM to Android and iPhone. I really didn’t want to carry 2 phones and my company pays 100% of my phone, bills and updates, including early upgrades and paying full price for new phones.

    I really hated the Windows phone so I went and bought an android (4 different ones now) and have not looked back till now. The reason I am interested in the BB again is the new Bold 9900. I just love that phone and would love to see it upgraded. Even with the smaller screen and slower processor and less memory/Ram than my current Android I am getting a BB Bold 9900 as a 2nd phone.

    Now the ***** session.

    What I find funny is the comparisons I always hear.

    1. BB gets better battery life. Well yes and no. Most BB do get better battery but they also have a slower processor and the screen is tiny compare to the larger Android screens. My android has programs and graphics along with processor power that BB can’t touch. If you want to compare battery, it should be the Torch, Storm since they have similar screen size (which eats up most of my battery on Android).

    2. BES emails no one does it better. I am lost on this because as an everyday user I cannot tell the difference between BES and activesync / exchange. Yes when I had BES my emails were instant and consistent except when the BES server had outages (which happened around every few months). My Activsync delivers/push email just as fast or sometime quicker than the BES, so how is this better? Our servers went down less than the BES server in the 10 years we had BES. As far as security goes, I work for a small company, we do about 22 Million in sales yearly and have been in business for 21 years now and we have never had any security problems with Exchange server or android. Yes we switched from BES only a few years ago but half the office was on BES and the other was on exchange server. So I am not seeing the benefits of BES yet.

    3. BB are for work, iPhones and Androids are toys. I never understood this. My Android does twice as much multi-tasking as BB and does it better with office programs like excel, word and PDF using Documents to go like BB or Thinkfree or Quick office. So yes BB does a good job but believe me, Androids are more than capable to keep up or surpass any BB on the market and I would take that challenge any day.

    4. Only way the Android work correctly is if you ROOT. Again, yeas and no it works a lot better when rooted since you don’t have the crap the carriers put on and the limitations. Root allows me to use the phone the way I want to use it with full power and no carrier s holding me back. Just like BB, they have crap all over the phone put on by the carriers, if you hack you BB it performs better than stock most of the time and it allows you to get rid of the junk the carriers put on. So this is another stament I think applies to all platforms not just Androids.

    And finally, let’s go Rim get the effin Bold out now, don’t be falling behind because it may take a long time to get back on top or just survive in this fast moving technological world.
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    platform wars are never ending. atthe end of the day, it comes down to personal preference to the software and also the hardware.
    06-07-11 02:20 AM
  19. dcorx's Avatar
    BBM for the most part, but will be going to the iphone 5 whenever it is released
    06-07-11 02:39 AM
  20. ADFXPro777's Avatar
    Blackberries are simply very reliable, practical and secure for me. For instance, as one member mentioned, Blackberry compresses your data, allowing to use more data efficiently than with other phones. Also, in regards to security, BIS automatically encrypts your data if your servers supports SSL. Furthermore in security, while viruses and malware exist for all smartphones, Blackberry has significantly less of these threats, and in most cases, require your permission to be installed on your phone - a very big plus for me.

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    06-07-11 12:00 PM
  21. avmsam's Avatar
    I don't like to claim its better, I just prefer it. I like the keyboard, push notifications, and led mostly. Also prefer the "look" or style of them.

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    this is probably best. given the current status of RIM and their products its hard to prove its better than any of its competitors. moreso, its a matter of choice. to each their own.
    06-07-11 05:46 PM
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    this is probably best. given the current status of RIM and their products its hard to prove its better than any of its competitors. moreso, its a matter of choice. to each their own.
    I agree.
    I do love the BB style; sometimes looks are more important than function.

    I have not seen a better looking device with a keyboard.
    06-07-11 09:07 PM