10-26-16 04:52 PM
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  1. cgk's Avatar
    So now you're dragging Microsoft into the discussion? What about exclusive patents held by BlackBerry, do you honestly think that Microsoft (and possibly others) are now covered by this pool of patents, possibly held by Microsoft?
    That's my point - the cross-licensing between organisations is so extensive at this point, it's pretty much impossible from the outside to work out who is covered by who's patents. Many parties who might be interested in the BBRY's patents might already be covered by Perpetual licenses - which might also explain why MSFT walked away after examining the books. We know at one point that they were generating about $2 billion a year from IP licensing from strong-arming Android makers - all the first tier (HTC, LG, Samsung, Sony) have deals with them and so do players like Winstron (sp?). Then to confuse things further, Samsung and others have patent sharing deals with each other and with also deals like Samsung-Nokia (Nokia didn't sell all of their IP to MSFT but gave them a perpetual license).

    Bottom-line - the actual value of the patents especially when taking on a big player like Samsung, MSFT and Sony is a) pretty hard to work out and b) might already be accounted for in a licensing deal.

    I think we'd have to see a court-case to work it out.
    10-23-16 06:58 AM
  2. DaSchwantz's Avatar
    Royalties of which blackberry is paid by hundreds if not thousands of companies. but as far as i know, not one company pays bb a royalty for pkb phones.

    That could soon change if bb indeed makes that an option. As of now though, BlackBerry truly has an almost absolute advantage of having patents for their pkb phone; an absolute advantage that they may seek to diversify to other interested parties who will pay BB the royalties for using their pkb patent and pull BB out of their past hardware oriented business model for pkb phones for what they hope will be more profitable, being possibly licensing out pkb patents for other parties to use.

    BB has some really cool patents that do not ever get talked about and seemingly are up for sale at any given time. Pkb patents may or may not be next to take bids, but theres far more things I am interested in.
    This will only happen in the post-Mercury world.

    Posted via CB10
    10-23-16 08:08 AM
  3. early2bed's Avatar
    Is this cross-licensing a mutually-assured destruction system among these big players where anyone who sues another party will get a countersuit for patented technology they are using in their own phones? Does that mean that BlackBerry is or can become a patent troll now that they aren't in the hardware business anymore?
    10-26-16 04:52 PM
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