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    The new management team has the benefit of learning from the mistakes of others (previous CEO's underestimation of Apple and Android, competitor's lack of innovation such as true multitasking). Let's not forget that this how Apple and Android rose to prominence in the first place by RIM's lack of innovation in web browsing and applications. If RIM is now addressing these issues and at least catching up (and from reports surpassing) their competitors why can't they succeed?

    Large and passionate fanbase (as has been mentioned in other threads WebOS was a superior OS to Apple and Android but lacked a significant following)

    BB Balance which can leverage the large installed enterprise base and solve the CIO's security headaches and employee's privacy concerns. BYOD is a popular concept but in practice how many people really want their employer limiting what they can do with their Apple or Android phones? How many employers will allow employees uncontrolled access to corporate email and applications? BB Balance allows the best of both worlds; no third party apps necessary and RIM already has the top notch security reputation in the industry. I know many people will disagree with me but I see the enterprise leading to success with the consumer. I think the initial large adoption of the BB10 phones will be in the enterprise. As more corporations upgrade to BB10 and their employees see that "hey this Blackberry can do as much and more than iphone or Android" their family and friends will be exposed to the new OS.

    Strong support from the carriers. Up until last week we had to rely on the word of RIM that the carriers loved it and would support them. Now if an independent bear like Misek is confirming the carrier support that is very encouraging.

    We have all heard repeatedly the history of RIM's decline and know the challenges ahead but I think they have a good chance of returning to profitability within the next calender year.
    11-24-12 06:27 AM

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