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    So I read with interest the latest bgr article on Interest in BlackBerry 10 surges. It seems the same level of interest surge cannot be said of the Windows Phone launch. So it got me into thinking why the BB 's new remake is warranting such a surge.

    I remembered a long time ago when I ditched an ex because I could not no longer stand her faults and whining. I had been with her for quite a while and was actually very happy with her. However it came to be that finally I reluctantly moved on to several others. At first I was so glad for the changes of the new girlfriends were such a breath of fresh air. And then I heard all the bad rumours about my ex being this and that and was I glad I dumped her and sometimes I will add fuel to the fire. The bad talk was incessant. But in my heart, I had always had it in there for my ex. Some of the rumours I agreed but some I thought were just plain nonsense. So after a couple of years with some other, I heard it in the grapevine of the remaking of ex. Despite the constant bad mouthing from my friends, I did not mind meeting up with her just for old times' sake. When I did meet up with her, she was such a different person completely and she apologised for being such a **** in the past. Her attitude was now pristine and her new look was amazing. One thing led to another but I have to say that because she was part of me a long time ago, I had no trouble re-kindling our relationship. So we are now back together again and I am so happy. I do not know how long this will last because I am constantly dabbling in some other toy and it might be we break apart again.

    So I think many iPhone and Android users were former BB fans and like an old flame, the relaunch has rekindled the nostalgia. So it is easy for these users to come back to BB. Something I believe the shorts have not foreseen.
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    02-14-13 03:22 AM
  2. Whitecaps's Avatar
    Great metaphor dude
    02-14-13 04:02 AM
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    Pretty sure I made this point a few times in the past...but thanks for making it again.
    It's like The Champ - everyone cheers for him on the way up, they love him at the top, but then they grow tired of him: he seems arrogant, a little older, not quite as slick as the New Kid in Town. They begin to cheer against him applaud his defeat, kick him when he's down.
    He regains his humility, the hunger , the fury, the eye of the tiger He knows something now: it is always easier to hunt from behind. Where once he was single-minded, now he is single-minded with a purpose.
    He knows the mistakes he made, knows the price he has paid, but most of all, he knows one thing : he knows what it is to be on top.
    The New Kid in Town may fear losing : he does not. The New Kid in Town may fear losing the title : he's already done that. In his heart he will always be The Champ.
    He no longer fears what others may think.
    Now, for him, he lives only for the fight.
    We see this. We see that he is not what he once was. But. We see his courage. We see his need. We see his purity: he is now a pure fighter. He has been distilled.
    We come to realize that, for us, he will always be The Champ...

    If he dies, he will die fighting.
    If he dies- a part of us dies with him...

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    02-14-13 05:05 AM
  4. Mr_F's Avatar
    If he dies, he will die fighting.
    If he dies- a part of us dies with him...

    02-14-13 06:50 AM
  5. BBVegasGirl80's Avatar
    Love both analogies and they both fit how I feel about BB. Thanks to both of you for your creativity! :-)
    02-14-13 01:35 PM
  6. chunt69's Avatar
    Two great posts, everybody loves a good comeback! So many strengths to the bb brand!
    02-15-13 06:10 AM

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