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    First let me say TH has turned the company around and is an excellent CEO.

    Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, what are they thinking at BB.

    1: The Q10 is delayed. Don't understand this especially when TH said that is was harder to build the Z10 than the Q10.

    2: The US Carrier debacle. There has been a lot of back and forth regarding who is to blame for the March launch in the US. IMHO with 4 carriers in the US and none of them are launching prior to March my gut feeling says it's BB Fault, NOT THE CARRIERS. This is not the way to roll-out a new product.

    3: Now we get a blurb that BB10 for the PB will be sometime, but not given a specific date. Kevin seems to be possibly floating a trial balloon to see if we need a BB10 experience in the Playbook at all. I have my own views and on this, but the point is a promise was made, so lets do it.

    I am getting very frustrated with BB. They are selling products in spite of themselves. They are starting to remind me of a computer company here in he US called Digital Equipment Company (DEC). The had the best engineering and product but they could not market themselves out of a paper bag. eventually they were sold to Compaq.

    How much more do we have to wait. I am getting tired of waiting already.Here in the US there is a saying "Either Sh^t or Get Off The Pot".

    BB Lets go already.

    Thx for letting me vent.
    02-06-13 01:13 PM

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