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    I don't see why everyone is panicking and worrying about this dying and that being shut down or killed off. People are classifying the playbook as "dead". I'm not sure what this means to me but I don't think someone is going to come to my house and smash my device with a hammer deeming them unusable.

    Once you the consumer exchange money on some sort of fund for a device it is yours until it stops working or you decide it's not up to the job anymore. No one is going to kill off your device, doesn't matter if the company goes bankrupt that made it or any other variable relating to third parties.

    It's your device, only you can decide it's dead.

    Anyway just thought I'd add that with all this panicking and freaking out.

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    06-30-13 07:37 PM
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    why all the multiple threads open on the same topic?
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    06-30-13 08:04 PM

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