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    I came across this on a site while browsing BB related articles. It was an article on the work intelligent.ly website dated Jan 08. Has anyone every read this? I'm wasn't sure if I'd be breaking any forum rules so I didn't include the link but just do a search on the title "Who will fill the BlackBerry void" and it should come up. Here's a sample of what the article had to say.

    "Meanwhile, the �life after BlackBerry� question is about to become a reality. Since 2011, BlackBerry has eliminated more than 7,000 positions worldwide. The company has also retreated from its consumer business to focus on its enterprise product. This has been tough news for the company�s loyal fans. Some longtime BlackBerry fans have even indicated that they would spend thousands of dollars for the Q10 device. But 2013 was rough for BlackBerry, and 2014 is not showing signs of being any different."

    Who Will Fill the BlackBerry Void? - WorkIntelligent.ly
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    You could post the link, I see article links everywhere...
    Good read btw..

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    02-20-14 02:36 PM
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    I love the efficiency of Blackberry, the OS, the qwerty, but the typical mainstream user is an id!ot who will just buy an iPhone or maybe an S4 because that's all they know. Then there's people who actually care about what phone they buy who don't need the specialised options blackberry has and want an android full touchscreen.
    02-20-14 02:47 PM

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