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    I think that it is obvious today that John Chen is a trojan horse just like Elop. As soon Chen got into Blackberry his plan was to kill BB10 and go Android right from the beginning. This also means that Blackberry is dead as there is nothing that Blackberry can provide that other Android manufacturers cannot. He even say idiotic things like other products are better when it comes to security, might be true but still idiotic as nobody asked that particular question. Blackberry is Nokia 2.0. At some time they will run out of money and they have to sell.

    So that raises the question what will happen with Blackberry. QNX is actually used in a lot of other places than mobile phones and one big market is the automotive industry. QNX is being used in several premium German auto makers. The question is if they are going to bid for the QNX part and automotive part. A consortium of German car makers and General Atlantic acquired Here maps and in practice they can do the same with the Blackberry automotive part.

    Then the question what is left after that, the devices and software part. Microsoft would perhaps be interested or why not Google. John Chen is really the Stephen Elop of Google.
    10-12-15 03:38 PM
  2. Vampiro's Avatar
    BS ...
    10-12-15 03:51 PM
  3. DrBoomBotz's Avatar
    Alphabet of course. New motto "Be evil". The security and privacy are for them not us.
    10-12-15 03:53 PM
  4. A_Aviator_A's Avatar
    BB10 never took off in the numbers require to sustain it, sorry, but this happened way before Chen and honestly I'm surprised he maintained it as much as he has. His job wasn't to maintain legacy products, his job was to clean up BB and stop it from bleeding cash. In that he was successful. In the end Chen is jut one man, he cannot kill BB10 without approval by the board.

    Blackberry is not a charity, it is a for-profit company and must make money to survive. Otherwise money runs out at some point.
    10-12-15 04:37 PM
  5. TopFit's Avatar
    John Chen does exactly what he was hired for. BB10 was 5 years late and never had a chance. Still awesome how far we got. I will keep enjoying it for another few years from now.

    To answer your question, I really hope Microsoft will buy the whole thing. I really like where Microsoft is going with Windows 10, but would like BlackBerrys privacy settings and let them secure the whole 'mobile first' philosophy.

    Imagine a Passport 2 with Windows 10 and BB10 features connected to a cloud based BES12 and Exchange. That thing connected to a docking station for Continuous and 'Blend 10'...YES! YES! YES!

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    10-12-15 05:43 PM
  6. EchuOkan1's Avatar
    HERE Maps is part of Microsoft.
    10-12-15 05:47 PM
  7. Me2's Avatar
    HERE Maps is part of Microsoft.
    No it isn't.

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    10-12-15 05:53 PM
  8. chickenman18's Avatar
    If we are simply speculating, then let's have some fun, shall we?

    BlackBerry tried to sell themselves a number of years ago. They did not. Whether it be because they were in disarray or whatever the case may be...who knows.
    John Chen has stated that he is dedicated to cross platform security. Hello BES 12. However, with BlackBerry going Android, and their work with Google and Samsung Knox, I tend to wonder if a joint venture might be in the works.

    Hear me out....

    Android, being open source and fragmented comes in many different flavors. .depending on which manufacturer is running it, is pretty tough to try and secure.
    Not to mention that there us little in the way of profit for device manufacturers in the Android space. Consolidation or manufacturers falling by the wayside is inevitable.
    So..what I wonder is this... has BlackBerry entered into a joint venture with Samsung and Google to come up with a new operating system? BB10 is a pretty slick bit of tech. It being QNX based makes it compatible with lots of other gadgets and automotive applications as well..
    Google gets the data it wants .. Samsung builds the devices, tvs and appliances, and BlackBerry keeps the information secure...

    Meh. Who knows. Maybe BlackBerry is just gonna go belly up. I think John Chen just wanted to build an android device for lack of better things to do...

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    10-12-15 11:30 PM

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