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    Because it is a question that gets asked regularly, I've compiled a number of responses that I've seen, a FAQ if you will. Below are some examples of passionately argued positions over the past year and a half since the Playbook was released. Some of these are hard to believe today, but I swear I did not make any of these up. The threads are still there if you look for them. Here then, is a brief history lesson on fanboy apologetics.

    "Apps are a crutch," the rallying cry went, "who needs them when you can access the full web?" Links to all sorts of websites where compiled as a substitute for apps and games. Soon however, the Android player became available, apps suddenly became extremely popular. This particular delusion is still alive, but it really started dying off when RIM itself came out and said that apps were important.

    Native email. There were a number of posters who argued that they preferred NOT to have native email. As with many missing features, the reason given was "security." Some claimed that they wished native email would come just to shut up the whiners who wanted native email.

    Autocorrect. My favorite one was that autocorrect helped made kids dumb. Besides BB people already know how to spell.

    Netflix. It was the company that was going bankrupt anyway. It was funny how every company who refused to support RIM had a crappy product or was about to go under. About Netflix, why watch it on the tablet when I have a 50" TV? When someone made the mistake of saying it was good for keeping the kids entertained, that poster got reamed for bad parenting. Why are you using the iPad as a babysitter, it was argued.

    Who needs Skype? Playbook video chat is better. I have Skype on my computer anyway, and besides Skype on mobile devices don't work as well as the desktop version and it doesn't work with bluetooth

    Who needs "insert popular game here". Tools, not toys. Besides you can play it on this flash website. This attitude started dying out when RIM announced heavy gaming support in their developer conference, and when the big name games started appearing.

    I'm sure you can think of a few more examples. The gist of it is this: When it comes to features, If RIM doesn't have it, it's next to useless. If it is unique to RIM, it's a game changing, revolutionary feature.
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    12-02-12 01:33 PM
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    Some of the responses are funny yes. But this attitude isn't unique to RIM supporters. , Steve Jobs practically made it company policy.
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    12-02-12 01:38 PM
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    "Who needs a physical keyboard? I enjoy drilling through menus to find my sent mail. Typing alt+O isn't intuitive."
    "Who needs a removable battery? I will just carry around my Energizer recharging system."
    "Who needs expandable storage? They don't think I need more space."

    I do find the app argument funny. I'm not Always connected to the Internet.

    In before the lock.

    Are you just pandering for attention? This isn't even the Playbook sub forum.
    12-02-12 01:45 PM
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    I mean obviously if you are extremely passionate about a certain company, then you will think this way.. If they don't have it, it's "well they don't need it because they have this".. I mean on absolutely any platform people do the same thing.. Its not like it's only a BlackBerry thing, that's just how people think to justify their purchase and reduce as much cognitive dissonance as possible for choosing the platform that they did.
    12-02-12 01:53 PM
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    Everyone needs something, nothing has everything, and debating threads chock full of pointless debate is, well......

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    12-02-12 02:01 PM

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