1. redsox80's Avatar
    I turned on my storm 9530 and it went to a white screen that said reset and then rebooted. Has anyone else had this problem.
    02-16-10 06:43 PM
  2. EnergyPlus's Avatar
    While I no longer have the 9530 (had it for a year, loved it, but upgraded to the 2), I can recall a time or two when this happened. It's not a big deal, more hassle than anything, but the device decided to do a random reboot just at the time you turned your phone on. I assume by "turn on" you mean, you hit the power button, the phone was really just asleep. It's possible your memory had reached a critically low level or, there was an app conflict. Keep an eye on it, if it keeps happening, you will have to look deeper.
    02-16-10 06:46 PM
  3. redsox80's Avatar
    thanks. did your screen actually say reset on it. i checked online and I could not find any info on it.
    02-16-10 06:48 PM