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    Many Blackberry users have reported on their White Screen of Death. I became a victim last week.

    To investigate whether the LCD screen or the OS failed in my Curve 8900 I used my free Blackberry Swiss Army Knife http://bbsak.org/ to determine whether underneath the white screen the phone was working properly. The screenshots through BBSAK showed that the phone was working fine, isolating the problem to the screen.

    If your screenshots turn up blank or black, or BBSAK cannot establish a connection, you likely have a software issue. Only then it's time to reload the OS. There are many posts to help you with this.

    Most threads suggest to start with reloading the OS before doing anything else. The above quick diagnostic helps you avoid this tedious process. I have not seen this suggested in other posts, hence mine.

    In my case it was the screen, so I followed established protocol for its replacement:

    1. Watched one of the many Youtube vignettes on how to disassemble a Blackberry.

    2. Obtained the version of the LCD screen. This is stamped on the back of the screen--you may have to pry it off very carefully if fastened with two-sided tape. Key here is to get the proper version 001, 002, 003, 004 for your Blackberry. These versions are not interchangeable and knowing only your Blackberry's model number is usually not enough when ordering.

    3. Ordered the LCD screen by Blackberry model plus screen version from one of the many online vendors.

    4. Installed the new screen.

    5. Turned on my Blackberry. Success! The phone is back in business with a brand-new, scratch-free screen.

    Good luck!

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    Wow great first post. 8900 Blackberry, I would have just replaced that old BB for a more updated one....
    08-17-12 07:09 PM
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    Thank you RoseBud68!

    I thought of replacing my 8900 also, but realized it does everything I need well enough, plus the screen and camera are first-class.

    Plus I had the fun of fixing it!
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