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    Hi, i know there are alot of threads about the 'white screen of death' and believe me ive looked through most and tried many of the fixes listed! Basically it was fine, then the screen was completly white apart from a few lines down the left hand side that come and go. I have tried a battery pull (several times), tried uninstalling then reinstalling the OS and tried to restore facctory settings. The insurance company will not cover it as Orange have given a 'screen fault' and apparently this comes under normal wear and tear! I cant afford a new blackberry and am using a very dodgy rio just to answer calls etc but its really bugging me!

    The guy at the repair shop said becuase it was 11 days out of warenty if he did send it off blackberry would just return it as un-fixable! That seem rediculous to me, but i dont know of anywhere else to try!

    does anyone have any ideas or have come across this before??
    11-20-11 11:12 AM
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    If you are in the UK you could contact Blackberry Phone Repairs – Fast 24 hour turnaround from £19.99 I believe they fix the devices themselves, not send them anywhere, obviously you'll have to pay them. If you're not in the UK you could google for a similar site/company for that country.

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    11-20-11 01:13 PM
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    which device do you have? Search google for Bold 9700 white screen of death. there is a solution for it there.
    11-20-11 01:16 PM