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    I'm a 'noob' at posting, but I searched the forums, so please forgive me if there is an existing thread out there (I couldn't find one)...

    RE: While probably NOT possible, RIM NEEDS to acquire some "app" / function companies.

    - To incorporate app tech natively into BBOS / BB10
    - To obtain the patents / trademarks that these companies have registered
    - To eliminate competition
    - To make easy interoperability
    - To further strengthen existing RIM products / features
    - To have a larger 'app development' department

    Much like how Microsoft acquired each MS Office product (i.e. Excel), which were at one point individual companies.

    An example of a RIM acquisition was posted on CrackBerry earlier this month - the antenna booster.. Also, RIM acquired Gist, a CRM aggregator app. The tech is most likely used in the "all-in-one" contact feature of the PBOS2.0.

    RIM working on apps (while costly) is better for their devices in terms of overall functionality (though quite a few BB owners will disagree with me). RIM has better access and understanding to their software than an external developer, so (technically) they should be able to make an app functionality a better experience.

    People much rather have features / functionality ALREADY (natively) incorporated into their products. They don't really want to download / try apps because they're scared if the app will damage their smartphone, steal their information, or other types of emerging malware in the rapidly growing smartphone industry. Also, not everyone is "technologically knowledgeable", and don't even know what (or how to use) features that ALREADY EXIST in their smartphone, yet alone try a new app. (sad)

    I'm not referring to "social apps", or "website type apps" because people ENJOY downloading them (they feel 'cool' and 'in'), plus RIM already works on some these apps themselves. i.e. Facebook, Twitter, MSN apps made by RIM, not facebook, or third party. Also, RIM receives cooperation (maybe now much less) from these "app" owners through contracts with these companies. i.e. Facebook.
    Also, "certain major apps" are made by the direct company. i.e. foursquare, Instagram, Google...

    RIM has A LOT of 'native' functions that their main competitors don't have, and for the "features" that some of these competitors have; RIM already had them 'natively' before the competition. i.e. BBM, encryption, alert customization, etc...

    RIM can and should use these features / functions in a strong marketing campaign for the upcoming BB10 device(s), to "win back" market share lost to their competitors in the last few years. Not just; "Be Bold" - Show what being "Bold" can do.

    "Apps" / Functions, Companies WORTH ACQUIRING:
    Many are introduced, blogged, and reviewed by the CrackBerry Team on the main website...
    I have researched and tried a decent amount of apps, these are some I think RIM should actively TRY to acquire:

    - Opera Browser (internet) **compression technology, speed, security...
    - Digital Locksmiths (security) **planing to release Solutions similar to BB Mobile Fusion
    - Lookout (security) **IF Lookout was mixed in with BB Protect - MAJOR
    - iSpeech (voice recognition) **Nuance (Dragon Dictate, Vlingo) is now too costly to obtain
    - SwiftKey (typing input) **Swype is too costly to obtain ***SwiftKey already used in PBOS2.0 typing input
    - BellShare - BeBuzz, BeWeather, BerryReader, BerryPopup
    - LiveProfile (IM), or others (Whatsapp, Hookt, etc...)
    - KVAD Group (Photo Studio Pro) **Advanced photo editing
    - "Cloud" tech companies **to build the Berry Cloud

    ***Navteq (or any other GPS provider) is now too costly to obtain
    ***Skype, Qik, GroupMe already purchased by Microsoft

    ****RIM SHOULD TRY to LICENSE MS Office Mobile - This is probably the most important feature of any Windows Mobile Phone. I HAD a WM phone, and the syncing with MS Outlook, and using Excel, Word, PowerPoint with ease is pretty sweet.

    *****RIM NEEDS a Media Player program (like Apple's QuickTime, or MS Media Player) to make viewing media a better experience.. It's VERY frustrating trying to watch a vid on my Torch (ahem, Scorch) 9860.

    We are all very aware that RIM itself is a MAJOR TARGET for acquisition from their competitors, and other external companies.

    It's becoming "Acquire OR Be Acquired" the tech world. "Inovation" is becoming increasingly a product of a key acquisition.

    Are there any apps / functions, companies, reasons that you feel is justifiable for acquisition for the purpose of "native" integration?

    Please Share...
    04-07-12 04:33 PM
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    They have been on a gobblin spree the past couple of years. I guess it just seem like they are doing anything because everyone is so focused on BB10.
    04-07-12 04:34 PM
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    Would Opera be too expensive? I have no idea what the figures mean, since I don't know what "MNOK" is. NewsWeb
    04-07-12 04:52 PM
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    Yes, Opera may now be too costly to acquire... Opera is the OEM browser in quite a few handsets, and may have caught on as an Internet Explorer, Firefox alternative...

    Opera Turbo is blazing fast!

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    04-07-12 05:09 PM
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    Yes, Opera may now be too costly to acquire... Opera is the OEM browser in quite a few handsets, and may have caught on as an Internet Explorer, Firefox alternative...

    Opera Turbo is blazing fast!

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    I'm running Opera as my default desktop browser in Linux and Windows. When I first tried desktop Opera a few years ago I did not like it, but it is my favorite desktop browser now.

    Opera also offers a good e-mail client.
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