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    The new BlackBerrys have been out for over a month now and I still have yet to see any commercials for any of these phones. For a company who is in dire need of sales due to their diminishing market share it makes no sense to not advertise these phones. If I did not visit crackberry.com how would I even know about these BlackBerrys?

    You can make a great product but its not going to sell if nobody knows about it. I'm not sure what RIM is doing. Do they think they have can rely on word of mouth for their products? I can assure you they certainly cannot rely on this anymore. The only news you hear about BlackBerry is negative. They need to turn around consumer perceptions of BlackBerry as being a faded brand with inferior products. How are they going to do this? Marketing.

    Does RIM even have a marketing department anymore? They're not hiring and they're not producing ads. Even if RIM turns itself around producing better phones, developing more applications, getting more developers on board, etc. They still need to market that in order to sell phones. I'm sure if they were to advertise these phones when they first came out they would have sold a lot more than what they did.
    10-02-11 08:33 PM
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    That's what I have been wondering for a while now. They have the staff to make all these nice intro videos when you first turn on your device, surely the same staff could make a nice ad.
    10-02-11 08:45 PM
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    They do not have enough being produced to justify spending dollars on advertising. Low production numbers equal low inventory costs, frees up cash flow for other projects and allows RIM to boast they ran out of stock due to higher than expected demand.

    You can bet they will not issue sell through numbers as this would discredit the "gee its so good we sold out of them" line.

    This I think was either done by design or by poorly executing another product launch.

    They want just enough being sold to show a bump in sales and to not have so many OS7 owners pi$$ed off when the QNX phones hit rendering the OS7 line outdated.

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    10-02-11 11:50 PM
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    Making ads is one thing. I think they need a set of good celebrity spokespeople to cut through the noise and get people's attention long enough to hear RIM's messages.

    The really expensive part is getting the ads aired or published. RIM has money for this, but they should be able to team with their cell carrier partners to jointly publish ads. But the carriers and retail outlets seem to be absent or marginally there. Smarter people than me need to find a way to rope in the carriers and retail industry.
    10-03-11 12:01 AM
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    In South Africa, we have one "RIM" advert (and a couple of carrier ones showing off the 9900). These have been around for a few weeks now. However, still only one carrier has the phone. We are yet to see a PlayBook advert.

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    10-03-11 12:14 AM