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    I heard of websites or services that can tell where a BB is located? Like if my friends had BB's and we want to know where each other is located.

    Anyone know what sites would let you do this?

    I suppose you'd have to enter your BB# and PIN or something to allow it to see where you are, not sure.


    Edit: I found a place Mologogo: The GPS phone tracking social network & friend finding for Nextel, Boost, Blackberry and Windows Mobile Phones with GPS that does this. Anyone use them on a Curve 8330?
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    11-17-08 10:34 PM
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    Just download google maps (app) onto your BB. It will use your GPS (if available) or cell tower to show your location on the map. And it updates in realtime (moving map). Very nice!
    11-18-08 05:42 AM
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    I didn't explain in my OP very well what I meant, I'll edit.

    But, what I meant was a service where you could find where someone else was, from their GPS.

    Like a GPS locating service.

    For example, my friends have Blackberrys, and I want to know where they are, a tracking site that would show a dot on a map or something.

    Or your kid has a BB and you want to know where they are.
    11-18-08 06:51 AM
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    I think I've heard someone mention Loopt. I think that's how you spell it.

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    11-18-08 07:38 AM
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    Cool, thanks for the tip. Loopt does the trick! My wife travels around town a lot during the day, this will help me know where she is, so cool.

    I told her also that if she happens to lose or leave her BB somewhere, that now we'll know exactly where it's at!

    Your Social Compass | Loopt

    Now if only more of my buddies would get a BB I could track them around too!

    Edit: and for those trying this out, it updates about once every 10 minutes or so, so it's not like you can see the car driving down the street like a GPS, but it's still really cool.
    11-18-08 07:10 PM
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    I wouldn't want people tracking me...lol

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    11-18-08 07:32 PM
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    Yeah, the whole "tracking" thing could sound either too big-brotherish, stalkish, or untrusting for some people.

    But for my wife and I, it really is a nice feature we're glad to have.

    Or figure if you have kids with BB or other GPS enabled phones, this would be real handy keeping track of them too.
    11-18-08 07:46 PM