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    Beyond phone and tablet applications, RIM should work to expand their reach into peoples homes and business locations more.

    - Home Media Box (rumored): OMAP 4 powered box with HDMI out. Develop a Netflix HD certified app, add in some DLNA support to talk to Playbook, let TAT do the UI for the TV, and Playbook and QNX phones can be remotes. Yes similar to AppleTV, and a replacement for your Blackberry Presenter device. Businesses will want this to for presentations too. Allow it to be able to control your DVR to, and maybe some pass through function (HDMI pass through) like a Slingbox with no recording to keep away those pesky DRM issues.

    - Home automation/security: Work with ADT, or some company on a QNX security and home automation gateway, again running OMAP architecture. There is a pic floating around of a QNX screen for home automation. This could give you a lot of market penetration quickly.

    - Automotive: QNX Corvette concept is awesome, now work to get it out more. Work with some companies to see about integrating Playbook as the radio/climate controls.

    Then of course when you have these items in place make sure that the Playbook and QNX phones can talk to each them. Remote into your home from phone/Playbook, turn lights on or off and adjust the temp, tell your DVR to record something you for forgot about, look at a security cam, check in on your car parked in the garage, etc.

    On the business side log in and look at secuirty cams, check environmental readings in computer rooms, give a presentation from across the country to a media device you left in the conference room.

    You have all the pieces to make this happen. The question is are you bold enough and have the vision to expand beyond the thinking behind your first pager device
    07-06-11 10:55 AM
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    I like it. I'd trust RIM running my household techno-crap a lot sooner than I'd trust M$.

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    07-06-11 12:14 PM