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    So who would have thought a few years ago that things would get that sluggish in the tech world? At least that's how it feels to me at the moment. Can't decide which computers to get next with Win7 and Win8 being disappointing, Apple not 100% convincing either and many laptop screens becoming worse not better. Different rant. Same with phones now. Been a T-Mobile/voicestream customer for 13 years or so. I have a great grand-fathered family plan with two lines, Blackberry mail (BIS) and unlimited data for under $120 bucks, subsidized phones and pretty good service any time I call them given how long we've been with them. Coverage is good too. Service works world-wide (I occasionally travel to Europe which was the main reason I went with a GSM network originally). Problem is that they never made the switch to iPhones and BlackBerrys have been lagging behind.

    In an ideal world I'd stick with them and get a Q10 and my wife could keep her little phone-only flip phone that she prefers. Thing is it looks as if there will be no Q10. And if I'm forced to get a touchy-feely phone then I'd rather get an iPhone. 4s preferably over the larger, awkward form-factor iPhone 5. All the Galaxies or whatever giganto phones are out. Add to that the fact that T-mobile now proudly announced that there will be no more subsidies - which in my case will make the experience bottom-line more expensive.

    So I'm willing to switch to whoever at this point.


    1 smart phone (Q10, iphone 4s or 5) for under 200 bucks, under 100 even better
    1 regular phone to replace a Samsung t139 - ideally this would be free and throwin with a 2-year contract
    Worldwide coverage, free use of Wifi when abroad
    Reasonable charges for calls to Western Europe and Canada
    Some way to have push mail if Blackberry is not an option anylonger
    Unlimited data, or at least so high that it doesn't matter (not sure how much I actually use, it's all emails and web browsing while on the train for an hour every day)
    GPS and something like Waze that works in the car
    An independent calendar app that syncs with Google calendar - or any other workaround to ultimately sync it with Thunderbird's calendar.
    All that and it should not cost more than $110 a month for the two lines (one smart phone, one not)

    Possible? Any recommendations?
    02-04-13 05:15 PM

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