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    So, today I saw a tweet I wanted to check out a link from later on in the day, so I copy pasted it into an e-mail and sent to another e-mail account of mine (one not set up on the BB). The BB said it was sent, so I left it at that.

    When I got home, however, the e-mail was nowhere to be found. It wasn't in the inbox, it wasn't in the spam folder, and I hadn't accidentally trashed it either.

    I checked the sent box of the account I had sent the e-mail from on the BB via the web interface (both accounts involved are GMail if that makes any difference) and the e-mail is in the sent folder.

    So, my question is, why did I not get the e-mail, even though all signs say it's been sent? I'm worried this may also be happening to e-mails I'm sending to other people, in which case I'll be very annoyed at RIM...
    08-12-11 02:07 PM
  2. IAmBBJosh's Avatar
    I actually think this may be an issue with GMail, not the BlackBerry system. My friend was trying to send me messages through the web interface and they got delayed by over an hour. But the message I sent from the BB has still not been received at all.

    Perhaps I'm better off asking Google about the issue.
    08-13-11 04:41 AM
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    Yeah try asking google, even try soft resetting or battery pulling every once in a while.

    Some times my phone acts funny until I do that.

    Go ahead and pull your battery so you can refresh your phone.

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    08-13-11 05:30 AM
  4. IAmBBJosh's Avatar
    Yeah just did a battery pull, took ages to boot back up again though.
    08-13-11 09:16 AM
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    Great thread
    08-13-11 09:18 AM
  6. IAmBBJosh's Avatar
    Great thread
    Exactly what's your issue with it?

    Anyway, I resent the e-mail after the battery pull and it arrived fine, so that probably was the problem, especially since it didn't sync up all my contacts beforehand either.
    08-13-11 09:21 AM