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    I have a 9900 and I've tried searching but it seems the links are down.

    Where would I find an early version of the operating software? Anything that is 7.0
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    08-14-12 09:41 AM
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    08-14-12 09:45 AM
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    Search the net for theiexplorers.
    08-14-12 09:50 AM
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    Why would u want an old ver 9900/ (B1716) is a good build to be on

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    08-14-12 10:37 AM
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    I have been upgrading the OS with every revision. Each time I do the phone feels more responsive/quicker for a while but then it seems to slow down. I imagine this to be the same as when you format your computer.

    But I have also wondered that with all the OS upgrades does it bog down the phone. Kind of like when we got 2.0 on the playbook. It some how feels a bit slower with the extra features. So since I am bored and mildly curious I wanted to down grade to an old OS and see for myself.

    I got this idea because 6 months ago my brother bought a 9900 as well. He knows squat about electronics so he is still using the OS that the phone was shipped with. Too my surprise his Bold still feels MUCH quicker than mine.

    Anyway thanks for the link. I did look there but not well enough. Most of them were posted via fileserve and so on. Those links were taken down but after I remember many people put up useful mirrors I found It is not the original but it was one of the oldest I could find.
    08-14-12 05:59 PM
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    Your issue may not be an OS. You may have an App that's causing the problem.
    08-14-12 06:57 PM
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    .340 is here if that's what you're looking for.

    BlackBerry OS Downloads
    08-14-12 06:58 PM
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    You can download every official OS ever released, for any device, from here... BlackBerry Desktop and Device Software Download Sites
    08-14-12 09:33 PM