1. S3o0d's Avatar
    When will the new "Niagra" be released ?
    03-20-09 06:37 AM
  2. Norsk's Avatar
    Long Answer: Seeing as you are new here, I'll keep this light and simple. Are you familiar with the term "Lurk"? It's a old word that has recently gained new meaning and value as the prevailance of internet forums grows. In short, it means reading forums without posting, simply absorbing information and tidbits that ultimately will be helpful. In this context, it means familiarizing yourself with various phone specs, organization structures, and relationships between technologies and companies. In the exact context of your question it means reading up on phones and staying on the same page as everyone else. That being said, the purpose of lurking beyond just personal growth is to prevent needless waste of space (believe it or not, this is all stored on a server somewhere.....105kb of data isn't much but it adds up) with questions that are answered elsewhere. With this in mind, I suggest before asking questions, you look around. Use the search feature. Check google. Read the front page blog entries. Do all this before you even consider posting and you'll come out the better for it.

    Short answer: No one knows for sure. Most projections put it between late Q2 and early Q4. Who the **** knows how accurate that is.
    03-20-09 06:56 AM
  3. thinkamp's Avatar
    I've heard that it will be coming out in May sometime.
    03-20-09 07:49 AM
  4. tatersalad1898's Avatar
    lurk.....lol i like that....thats how i know so much about nextel phones i used to lurk on next pimp . com whenever i needed to kno anything but i am now a proud owner of a blackberry curve and dont need that website anymore
    03-20-09 05:09 PM