1. srovithis's Avatar
    I own a bb storm w/ verizon service. I am wondering if there is anyway to make it so that when someone calls me it goes right to vm and gives them 3 (or more) options to proceed. For example press 1 to reach me now on my cell (at which point my phone would start ringing), press 2 to leave a vm (my phone would not ring in this scenario) and press 3 to send a fax (my phone would not ring in this scenario. I know i have called other people and those are the options I get so I know its possible, but it might be that they have a vm service which is sitting on top of their phone. If thats the case if anyone knows about a service that could do that please let me know. The key for me is not having to get a new cell # so I need it to work with the phone number I have now.

    04-24-09 01:24 PM
  2. Xopher's Avatar
    There are a couple of services that will do this. I think GrandCentral had something like this (now Google Voice).

    In essence, you get a phone number. When they call that number, it will be directed as you request.
    04-24-09 01:56 PM