1. jason9900's Avatar
    Hello Crackberry Nation

    I have about $700 (I know its not much) that I want to invest in RIM. I waited until their latest earnings report came out as I predicted there would be some sort of hiccup for the quarter and turned out to be right (service revenues) with the stock dropping more than 25% in one day from a 3 month rally which saw RIM more than double its market cap. Although the service revenue is a fundamental change so I do see some merit behind the huge drop last Friday, I realized much of the fluctuations on RIM occur due to speculation from analysts and banks (which I hate by the way). So my question is when would it be a good time to buy? I believe firmly that BB10 is a game changer and I plan on going long with this stock. However I still want to maximize my gains so I want suggestions on when a good entry point would be.

    I was thinking maybe after new years? Since that's when many people adjust their portfolios.
    Also do you guys think RIM will announce exactly how the service revenue tiering will change before the release or BB10 (so sometime in january) or during their next earnings release.

    I value your opinion guys! And let's all make some money when RIM is on its way back to the top!
    12-26-12 06:43 PM
  2. BThunderW's Avatar
    Read this thread. There's a lot of info here http://forums.crackberry.com/news-ru...shares-666490/
    12-26-12 06:55 PM
  3. gtpointer's Avatar
    People will give their opinions but obviously this is your money and you've gotta make the decision yourself as the buck stops with you having said that, RIM stock will be volatile for a while now, certainly until Juneish 2013 when it will become clear just how well BB10 is doing. It's a risk with huge rewards (the consensus on upside is around $40 by end of next year, so roughly quadrupling your money in a year but equally you could lose half your money in a year (on consensus downside), basically depends how likely you see BB10 is to succeed (commercially not just being a great product) and whether you need to invest to make money or just for fun. You could also make a lot of money trading short term if you get your timing right. Personally if I had $700 bucks going spare I'd invest now as I'd feel certain I'd at least make money in the build up to launch, and also I have quite a strong appetite for risk, but as a I said at the start, it's your decision
    12-26-12 07:52 PM
  4. donmateo's Avatar
    I would buy ASAP, I'm in at $11.51 for 200 shares. Before the crash, it was up $500, now $46. As stated, very volatile, but get in when you feel you're ready. Best of luck!
    12-26-12 10:53 PM
  5. Jake Storm's Avatar
    The dip after the earnings call was predicted well in advance, and some would say it was orchestrated to an extent by the media to cover a large number of shorts
    Now that that is over, I think it will be all up heading into the launch Jan 30th.

    As donmateo said, I would get in as soon as you can.
    12-27-12 12:35 AM

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